Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Childhood memory

So I am feeling all in the spirit of the holidays lately!...yes yes already....stop judging me!....Christmas music and all things holidayish are fair game anytime after Halloween in my opinion! ...Thats when Wal-mart starts putting all their Christmasy items out anyways....and...Wal-mart is ALWAYS right!! So in loo of my feeling all Happy Holiday Joys over here I decided to write about a Christmas memory! This and I also am not home so I didn't have a lot to take pictures of pertaining to childhoodness! BUT I DO LOVE CHRISTMAS EVE JAMMIES!! (seriously who doesnt!!) I hope all of you do this because I seriously have issues waiting to find out what mine look like!! Its like Christmas...only the night before!! Oh the JOY of it all!!....ya ya I know you are all thinking uh...its just pajamas you freaktard but there are few things better than new fuzzy cozyness to sleep in...and EVERYONE is in a new pair!! Its all kinds of fun ok?!....When we were little we always got to open ONE present on Christmas eve...It was always sooo hard to choose which one and I am SURE we asked on multiple occasions if maybe just maybe this year we could open 2? (cue super cute puppy dog eyes!)...the answer was always no! Such great discipline taught in that household! (forever grateful!) ANYWHOOOO that was a tangent if I ever saw one!! So here is the picture of the last 4 years of PJ's!! ...Only 7 more weeks until a brand spankin new pair!!!! ...ok...I'm a freaktard!!

SO FUN!!!....anyways....I feel this post rather was annoying of some sorts! or I am just really tired....better get this butt to bed because I have a lovely 8 hour drive home tomorrow!....someone really needs to get their act together and invent an instant teleportation NOW!...I would do it but lets face it....that could take a while!!! 



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  1. My family always opend one present on christmas eve too and it was always PJS! haha I love the holidays because of all the traditions. They are the best. Thanks for sharing!


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