Saturday, November 5, 2011


So the other day I realized that I have NOT done awkward awesome for a LONG time! life is some kind of boring I guess but honestly there are plenty of awkward things that happen ALL the I just need to remember them all so we can catch up on laughing at my awkwardness! =) HERE WE GO!


So you know those automatic flushing toilets they are starting to put in EVERYWHERE?!....brilliant for cutting down germs and for us germaphobs we are grateful for any movement in that direction. NOT so brilliant?...when they flush while you are still...errm...on the toilet!...If I WANTED my pee all over me I would have just wet myself!! excuse me while I spend double time trying to wipe myself down and not have a panic attack...thanks automatic rock...

Driving on the highway going the speed limit (I promise) and passing EVERYONE!....uh does everyone know something I don't? nope nope its definitely 75..... I was paranoid the ENTIRE time!!

Knocking down an entire display of jewelry....haha oh yah that big crashing sound?..That was bad... and now all your jewelry that you so nicely placed out is laying on the floor....pick up and walk away...

Going to fill up my water bottle with the water pitcher in the fridge and seeing lipstick prints on the spout.... REALLY PEOPLE!! COME ONNNNN!!! ...thats never ok... at least if you are gonna do something gross and germy cover your tracks a little better!!! I put a little sticky note saying "pour me in a cup, don't drink out of me!"....someone didn't think that was funny and took it off!!!....reminded me of a quote that goes a little something like... "if you don't want someone to find out..don't do it!"

Stepping on my much to large PJ bottoms and completely falling one saw....sometimes that makes it more awkward...

Talking to someone about something you assumed they already knew.....they had no idea....then you realize they probably aren't supposed to know...uuuuh....keep talking?....or...whaaat?!


Working out 6 days a week!...this also means my work out buddy is awesome! shout out to Alexa! <3

Jamba Juice....and getting one big enough to put in the freezer so you can have it for 3 day I'll venture out and try a different kind but for now its MOM STOP READING............................. Pomegranate Paradise (she hates the word pomegranate) anywho its delish!!

The movie CRAZY STUPID LOVE.....seriously I bought it on wednesday and have watched it twice already....ridic funny people!!

TEA....I have been in loooove with it lately!! Scrumptious and soothing...great stuff!

This billboard I saw while driving to Utah!.... it shows a picture of Kermit the Frog and next to him it says "Eat flies, dates a pig, hollywood star!....Live your dreams!!" ....I just loved it!!

Putting my creative abilities as my focus lately..... weight lifted off my shoulders and big sigh...this is what I love....

This new photo challenge!!!!...Today you get two because I didn't have internet yesterday!!!

WHAT I WORE:      

I want to feel like this every day =) so I am trying live that saying "do something every day that scares you" Ps...its a hoody I wore!

WHAT THE CLOUDS LOOK LIKE:....they look like they are bringing in all kinds of unhappinesses!!

Anywho!! Hope everyones weekend is going fantastic!! and that its not snowing tooooo much wherever you may be! =)


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