Thursday, November 10, 2011

8 Hours alone in a car

So here I was just me, my Ipod, a BUTT LOAD of snacky food items and my thoughts!...So what does one do with only that and an 8 hour drive you might ask?...well besides the obvious things (listen to music and eat...derrrrr!) Here is how my 8 hours in solitude went:

  • Talk to tinny ( that is my car bytheway!) you see..Tinny and I have been on many a road trip together without anyone else's ears to listen in on our convos. Now I know right now you are thinking I am some kind of crazy but sometimes its better to talk things out aloud and you know what? Tinny is a GRREAT listener! Also....if you hung around me enough you'd start talking to her to...its inevitable...ask my friends! Anyways I am quite emotionally attached to her and you can just quit judging me any moment now thaaank youuu!

  • Wonder WHHHY people drink pop (soda) soo much!! I never drink it but for some reason I felt compelled that I needed one on this drive..could have had something to do with my groggy eyelids and apparently people say it keeps you awake!....It did nothing but burn my throught...make my nose itchy from all the bubbles...make my eyes water and my teeth feel fuzzy! Which there is no worse feeling I am almost positive!!.... also it made me all burpy which I don't approve of!...awful stuff I tell ya awful!

  • Debate whether or not it would be acceptable to pee in the ditch or not..... I am not afraid of doing this...I have done it a few times...yet never in broad daylight...which I figured could be deemed as inappropriate ..slightly?.... also possibly a little embarrassing!?.... yet, my brain countered that peeing in your pants in your car may be slightly MORE embarrassing!...It is a dang good thing I found a rest area before either of these had to be enforced!!! It was a close call people!!

  • Pledge that I will listen to every song that comes on the good ol' Ipod...and by good ol' I mean good and OLD! I have had this Ipod for YEARS my friends YEARS! Ipod touch for me...I like to kick it old school!....anywho I decided to push play and come what may... due to the fact that I have had this for so long I came across some real gems such as:                                                    
  • Say My Name - Destiny's Child ( I still know all the words!)                                                    
  • Savage Garden - I knew I loved you ( This was also my very first tape I ever owned to go right along with my purple tape player!...I'm old..)                                                                                            
  • Jessica Simpson - I think Im in love with you...(no comment)     
  • N'Sync - Dirty pop AND bye bye bye (I saw them in jealous)
  • All things Britney... ( I honestly DO NOT remember even liking her...i swear!)
  • All things BackStreet Boys...( I remember liking them...shame... I also remember being really excited when they were staying in the hotel across from my dental school...I may or may not have tried to stalk them...its up for interpretation!)
  • Lindsay Lohan -Speak ..( who even remembers she had a singing career?)
  • All things Gwen Stephani ...( Still LOVE)
  • A few things spice girls....SHAME!
  • Remember S CLUB 7.....oh the shaaaame!!
-Then about the time my ears couldn't take it anymore...and I had perma numb bum the song Cyclone came on (if you dont know what that is look it up! I donno what the music video is like so...I am not accountable for your eyes!)....haha what the heeeck is that doing on there?!?! ...I broke it down, wiggled my butt around and it was exactly what I needed.... basically I felt like this kid!:        

Anyways after all was said and done I made it home a half hour earlier than expected!! Earlier I joked with a friend that I was going bonkers and they should put me in an insane asylum.... Then I realized I never want to be locked in an insane asylum...being by myself for 7.5 hours almost did me in!



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