Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Riddle me this!.. What is better than 8 Hours in a car?? hmmmn?.... maybe 22 Hrs in a car? and then 16 Hrs 5 days later!!! Needless to say I have permanent numb bum!! But was it SO worth it? Ummm definitely!! So here is a recap of American Thanksgiving spent in CALIFORNIA


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


CALIFORNIA HERE WE COOOOOOME!!!!....ok here I come...but I wish you were all coming with me!! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

8 Hours alone in a car

So here I was just me, my Ipod, a BUTT LOAD of snacky food items and my thoughts!...So what does one do with only that and an 8 hour drive you might ask?...well besides the obvious things (listen to music and eat...derrrrr!) Here is how my 8 hours in solitude went:

  • Talk to tinny ( that is my car bytheway!) you see..Tinny and I have been on many a road trip together without anyone else's ears to listen in on our convos. Now I know right now you are thinking I am some kind of crazy but sometimes its better to talk things out aloud and you know what? Tinny is a GRREAT listener! Also....if you hung around me enough you'd start talking to her to...its inevitable...ask my friends! Anyways I am quite emotionally attached to her and you can just quit judging me any moment now thaaank youuu!

  • Wonder WHHHY people drink pop (soda) soo much!! I never drink it but for some reason I felt compelled that I needed one on this drive..could have had something to do with my groggy eyelids and apparently people say it keeps you awake!....It did nothing but burn my throught...make my nose itchy from all the bubbles...make my eyes water and my teeth feel fuzzy! Which there is no worse feeling I am almost positive!!.... also it made me all burpy which I don't approve of!...awful stuff I tell ya awful!

  • Debate whether or not it would be acceptable to pee in the ditch or not..... I am not afraid of doing this...I have done it a few times...yet never in broad daylight...which I figured could be deemed as inappropriate ..slightly?.... also possibly a little embarrassing!?.... yet, my brain countered that peeing in your pants in your car may be slightly MORE embarrassing!...It is a dang good thing I found a rest area before either of these had to be enforced!!! It was a close call people!!

  • Pledge that I will listen to every song that comes on the good ol' Ipod...and by good ol' I mean good and OLD! I have had this Ipod for YEARS my friends YEARS!...no Ipod touch for me...I like to kick it old school!....anywho I decided to push play and come what may... due to the fact that I have had this for so long I came across some real gems such as:                                                    
  • Say My Name - Destiny's Child ( I still know all the words!)                                                    
  • Savage Garden - I knew I loved you ( This was also my very first tape I ever owned to go right along with my purple tape player!...I'm old..)                                                                                            
  • Jessica Simpson - I think Im in love with you...(no comment)     
  • N'Sync - Dirty pop AND bye bye bye (I saw them in concert...be jealous)
  • All things Britney... ( I honestly DO NOT remember even liking her...i swear!)
  • All things BackStreet Boys...( I remember liking them...shame... I also remember being really excited when they were staying in the hotel across from my dental school...I may or may not have tried to stalk them...its up for interpretation!)
  • Lindsay Lohan -Speak ..( who even remembers she had a singing career?)
  • All things Gwen Stephani ...( Still LOVE)
  • A few things spice girls....SHAME!
  • Remember S CLUB 7.....oh the shaaaame!!
-Then about the time my ears couldn't take it anymore...and I had perma numb bum the song Cyclone came on (if you dont know what that is look it up! I donno what the music video is like so...I am not accountable for your eyes!)....haha what the heeeck is that doing on there?!?! ...I broke it down, wiggled my butt around and it was exactly what I needed.... basically I felt like this kid!:        

Anyways after all was said and done I made it home a half hour earlier than expected!! Earlier I joked with a friend that I was going bonkers and they should put me in an insane asylum.... Then I realized I never want to be locked in an insane asylum...being by myself for 7.5 hours almost did me in!



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Childhood memory

So I am feeling all in the spirit of the holidays lately!...yes yes already....stop judging me!....Christmas music and all things holidayish are fair game anytime after Halloween in my opinion! ...Thats when Wal-mart starts putting all their Christmasy items out anyways....and...Wal-mart is ALWAYS right!! So in loo of my feeling all Happy Holiday Joys over here I decided to write about a Christmas memory! This and I also am not home so I didn't have a lot to take pictures of pertaining to childhoodness! BUT I DO LOVE CHRISTMAS EVE JAMMIES!! (seriously who doesnt!!) I hope all of you do this because I seriously have issues waiting to find out what mine look like!! Its like Christmas...only the night before!! Oh the JOY of it all!!....ya ya I know you are all thinking uh...its just pajamas you freaktard but there are few things better than new fuzzy cozyness to sleep in...and EVERYONE is in a new pair!! Its all kinds of fun ok?!....When we were little we always got to open ONE present on Christmas eve...It was always sooo hard to choose which one and I am SURE we asked on multiple occasions if maybe just maybe this year we could open 2? (cue super cute puppy dog eyes!)...the answer was always no! Such great discipline taught in that household! (forever grateful!) ANYWHOOOO that was a tangent if I ever saw one!! So here is the picture of the last 4 years of PJ's!! ...Only 7 more weeks until a brand spankin new pair!!!! ...ok...I'm a freaktard!!

SO FUN!!!....anyways....I feel this post rather was annoying of some sorts! or I am just really tired....better get this butt to bed because I have a lovely 8 hour drive home tomorrow!....someone really needs to get their act together and invent an instant teleportation device...like NOW!...I would do it but lets face it....that could take a while!!! 



Monday, November 7, 2011

Get Growin'!

Alright MEN its time to get growin! Its MOVEMBER.....time to grow those mustaches out and make your prostates proud! For those of you who don't know what the dickens I am talking about:

 Men start Movember 1st clean shaven ( I realize its november 7th already sooo better late than never!). For the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts.

Register at www.movember.com, and get the HECK GROWIN!!!!

--Seriously I am too the MOON jealous that I am not a dude just for the fact I can't participate in this MO-event! ....I however am glad to be a girl that CANNOT by any means grow a mustachio of my own!! 

TO KEEP UP WITH MY PHOTO CHALLENGE I WILL SHOW YOU A LITTLE MAN IN MY LIFE WHOM I LOVE!!....one day he will grow a mustache too....but for now...he can stay a baby...just the way I like him =)


Sunday, November 6, 2011


Below is a talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf....this was my favorite talk from this past October 2011 conference. The highlighted parts are things that stuck out to me! =)

  “The Lord uses a scale very     different from the world’s to   weigh the worth of a soul.”

Moses, one of the greatest prophets the world has ever known, was raised by Pharaoh’s daughter and spent the first 40 years of his life in the royal halls of Egypt. He knew firsthand the glory and grandeur of that ancient kingdom.
Years later, on the top of a distant mountain, far removed from the splendor and magnificence of mighty Egypt, Moses stood in the presence of God and spoke to Him face to face as a man speaks with his friend.1 During the course of that visitation, God showed Moses the workmanship of His hands, granting him a glimpse of His work and glory. When the vision ended, Moses fell to the earth for the space of many hours. When his strength finally returned, he realized something that, in all his years in Pharaoh’s court, had never occurred to him before.
“I know,” he said, “that man is nothing.”
We Are Less Than We Suppose
The more we learn about the universe, the more we understand—at least in a small part—what Moses knew. The universe is so large, mysterious, and glorious that it is incomprehensible to the human mind. “Worlds without number have I created,” God said to Moses. The wonders of the night sky are a beautiful testimony of that truth.
There are few things that have filled me with such breathless awe as flying in the black of night across oceans and continents and looking out my cockpit window upon the infinite glory of millions of stars.
Astronomers have attempted to count the number of stars in the universe. One group of scientists estimates that the number of stars within range of our telescopes is 10 times greater than all the grains of sand on the world’s beaches and deserts.4
This conclusion has a striking similarity to the declaration of the ancient prophet Enoch: “Were it possible that man could number the particles of the earth, yea, millions of earths like this, it would not be a beginning to the number of thy creations.”5
Given the vastness of God’s creations, it’s no wonder the great King Benjamin counseled his people to “always retain in remembrance, the greatness of God, and your own nothingness.”6
We Are Greater Than We Suppose
But even though man is nothing, it fills me with wonder and awe to think that “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.”
And while we may look at the vast expanse of the universe and say, “What is man in comparison to the glory of creation?” God Himself said we are the reason He created the universe! His work and glory—the purpose for this magnificent universe—is to save and exalt mankind. In other words, the vast expanse of eternity, the glories and mysteries of infinite space and time are all built for the benefit of ordinary mortals like you and me. Our Heavenly Father created the universe that we might reach our potential as His sons and daughters.
This is a paradox of man: compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God. While against the backdrop of infinite creation we may appear to be nothing, we have a spark of eternal fire burning within our breast. We have the incomprehensible promise of exaltation—worlds without end—within our grasp. And it is God’s great desire to help us reach it.

The Folly of Pride
The great deceiver knows that one of his most effective tools in leading the children of God astray is to appeal to the extremes of the paradox of man. To some, he appeals to their prideful tendencies, puffing them up and encouraging them to believe in the fantasy of their own self-importance and invincibility. He tells them they have transcended the ordinary and that because of ability, birthright, or social status, they are set apart from the common measure of all that surrounds them. He leads them to conclude that they are therefore not subject to anyone else’s rules and not to be bothered by anyone else’s problems.
Abraham Lincoln is said to have loved a poem that reads:
Oh why should the spirit of mortal be proud?
Like a swift-flitting meteor, a fast-flying cloud,
A flash of the lightning, a break of the wave,
Man passeth from life to his rest in the grave.
Disciples of Jesus Christ understand that compared to eternity, our existence in this mortal sphere is only “a small moment” in space and time. They know that a person’s true value has little to do with what the world holds in high esteem. They know you could pile up the accumulated currency of the entire world and it could not buy a loaf of bread in the economy of heaven.
Those who will “inherit the kingdom of God” are those who become “as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love.”  “For every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.”Such disciples understand also “that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”
We Are Not Forgotten
Another way Satan deceives is through discouragement. He attempts to focus our sight on our own insignificance until we begin to doubt that we have much worth. He tells us that we are too small for anyone to take notice, that we are forgotten—especially by God.
Let me share with you a personal experience that may be of some help to those who feel insignificant, forgotten, or alone.
Many years ago I attended pilot training in the United States Air Force. I was far away from my home, a young West German soldier, born in Czechoslovakia, who had grown up in East Germany and spoke English only with great difficulty. I clearly remember my journey to our training base in Texas. I was on a plane, sitting next to a passenger who spoke with a heavy Southern accent. I could scarcely understand a word he said. I actually wondered if I had been taught the wrong language all along. I was terrified by the thought that I had to compete for the coveted top spots in pilot training against students who were native English speakers.
When I arrived on the air base in the small town of Big Spring, Texas, I looked for and found the Latter-day Saint branch, which consisted of a handful of wonderful members who were meeting in rented rooms on the air base itself. The members were in the process of building a small meetinghouse that would serve as a permanent place for the Church. Back in those days members provided much of the labor on new buildings.
Day after day I attended my pilot training and studied as hard as I could and then spent most of my spare time working on the new meetinghouse. There I learned that a two-by-four is not a dance step but a piece of wood. I also learned the important survival skill of missing my thumb when pounding a nail.
I spent so much time working on the meetinghouse that the branch president—who also happened to be one of our flight instructors—expressed concern that I perhaps should spend more time studying.
My friends and fellow student pilots engaged themselves in free-time activities as well, although I think it’s safe to say that some of those activities would not have been in alignment with today’s For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. For my part, I enjoyed being an active part of this tiny west Texas branch, practicing my newly acquired carpentry skills, and improving my English as I fulfilled my callings to teach in the elders quorum and in Sunday School.
At the time, Big Spring, despite its name, was a small, insignificant, and unknown place. And I often felt exactly the same way about myself—insignificant, unknown, and quite alone. Even so, I never once wondered if the Lord had forgotten me or if He would ever be able to find me there. I knew that it didn’t matter to Heavenly Father where I was, where I ranked with others in my pilot training class, or what my calling in the Church was. What mattered to Him was that I was doing the best I could, that my heart was inclined toward Him, and that I was willing to help those around me. I knew if I did the best I could, all would be well.
And all was well.
The Last Shall Be First
The Lord doesn’t care at all if we spend our days working in marble halls or stable stalls. He knows where we are, no matter how humble our circumstances. He will use—in His own way and for His holy purposes—those who incline their hearts to Him.
God knows that some of the greatest souls who have ever lived are those who will never appear in the chronicles of history. They are the blessed, humble souls who emulate the Savior’s example and spend the days of their lives doing good.
One such couple, parents of a friend of mine, exemplify this principle for me. The husband worked at a steel mill in Utah. At lunch he would pull out his scriptures or a Church magazine and read. When the other workers saw this, they ridiculed him and challenged his beliefs. Whenever they did, he spoke to them with kindness and confidence. He did not allow their disrespect to make him angry or upset.
Years later one of the more vocal mockers became very ill. Before he died, he requested that this humble man speak at his funeral—which he did.
This faithful member of the Church never had much in the way of social status or wealth, but his influence extended deeply to all who knew him. He died in an industrial accident while stopping to help another worker who was stranded in the snow.
Within a year his widow had to undergo brain surgery, which has left her unable to walk. But people love coming to spend time with her because she listens. She remembers. She cares. Unable to write, she memorizes her children’s and grandchildren’s telephone numbers. She lovingly remembers birthdays and anniversaries.
Those who visit her come away feeling better about life and about themselves. They feel her love. They know she cares. She never complains but spends her days blessing the lives of others. One of her friends said this woman was one of the few people she had ever known who truly exemplifies the love and life of Jesus Christ.
This couple would have been the first to say they were not of much importance in this world. But the Lord uses a scale very different from the world’s to weigh the worth of a soul. He knows this faithful couple; He loves them. Their actions are a living witness of their strong faith in Him.
You Matter to Him
My dear brothers and sisters, it may be true that man is nothing in comparison to the greatness of the universe. At times we may even feel insignificant, invisible, alone, or forgotten. But always remember—you matter to Him! If you ever doubt that, consider these four divine principles:
First, God loves the humble and meek, for they are “greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”
Second, the Lord entrusts “the fullness of [His] gospel [to] be proclaimed by the weak and the simple unto the ends of the world.” He has chosen “the weak things of the world [to] come forth and break down the mighty and strong ones” and to put to shame “the things which are mighty.”
Third, no matter where you live, no matter how humble your circumstances, how meager your employment, how limited your abilities, how ordinary your appearance, or how little your calling in the Church may appear to you, you are not invisible to your Heavenly Father. He loves you. He knows your humble heart and your acts of love and kindness. Together, they form a lasting testimony of your fidelity and faith.
Fourth and finally, please understand that what you see and experience now is not what forever will be. You will not feel loneliness, sorrow, pain, or discouragement forever. We have the faithful promise of God that He will neither forget nor forsake those who incline their hearts to Him. Have hope and faith in that promise. Learn to love your Heavenly Father and become His disciple in word and in deed.
Be assured that if you but hold on, believe in Him, and remain faithful in keeping the commandments, one day you will experience for yourselves the promises revealed to the Apostle Paul: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”
Brothers and sisters, the most powerful Being in the universe is the Father of your spirit. He knows you. He loves you with a perfect love.
God sees you not only as a mortal being on a small planet who lives for a brief season—He sees you as His child. He sees you as the being you are capable and designed to become. He wants you to know that you matter to Him.
May we ever believe, trust, and align our lives so that we will understand our true eternal worth and potential. May we be worthy of the precious blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for us is my prayer in the name of His Son, even Jesus Christ, amen.

- Always remember you are IMPORTANT...soooo important to your Heavenly Father! He wants nothing more than to see you happy and to see you doing all you should be! =)

In other news!.... the photo challenge is all things your favorite color!...I had nothing purple to take pictures of because I am in utah SO! I found pictures of things that are purple! yay!

 I wish I had this bag to take pictures of!...sigh..

 Once upon a glorious time I had the purple cover for my MAC...then it broke...now I have the bottom half...but its all cracked and nonsense...I also had an Iphone with a purple case...now I have no Iphone....but I HAVE A PURPLE PHONE!...i don't like it as much...
 Purple curtains...those are awesomsauciness

Purple flowers...very snice...

combine 2 of my fav things and you get purple owls!...wam bam!

This picture is really nice...I'd frame this..

 purple flower pom pom things!...

Purple watch....yes...please...

Anyways is everyone ready for monday?....Mine are a lot like every other day so...i'm fine with it =)


Saturday, November 5, 2011


So the other day I realized that I have NOT done awkward awesome for a LONG time!...my life is some kind of boring I guess but honestly there are plenty of awkward things that happen ALL the time...now I just need to remember them all so we can catch up on laughing at my awkwardness! =) HERE WE GO!


So you know those automatic flushing toilets they are starting to put in EVERYWHERE?!....brilliant for cutting down germs and for us germaphobs we are grateful for any movement in that direction. NOT so brilliant?...when they flush while you are still...errm...on the toilet!...If I WANTED my pee all over me I would have just wet myself!!...now excuse me while I spend double time trying to wipe myself down and not have a panic attack...thanks automatic flusher...you rock...

Driving on the highway going the speed limit (I promise) and passing EVERYONE!....uh does everyone know something I don't? nope nope its definitely 75..... I was paranoid the ENTIRE time!!

Knocking down an entire display of jewelry....haha oh yah that big crashing sound?..That was me...my bad... and now all your jewelry that you so nicely placed out is laying on the floor....pick up and walk away...

Going to fill up my water bottle with the water pitcher in the fridge and seeing lipstick prints on the spout.... REALLY PEOPLE!! COME ONNNNN!!! ...thats never ok... at least if you are gonna do something gross and germy cover your tracks a little better!!!....so I put a little sticky note saying "pour me in a cup, don't drink out of me!"....someone didn't think that was funny and took it off!!!....reminded me of a quote that goes a little something like... "if you don't want someone to find out..don't do it!"

Stepping on my much to large PJ bottoms and completely falling over....no one saw....sometimes that makes it more awkward...

Talking to someone about something you assumed they already knew.....they had no idea....then you realize they probably aren't supposed to know...uuuuh....keep talking?....or...whaaat?!


Working out 6 days a week!...this also means my work out buddy is awesome! shout out to Alexa! <3

Jamba Juice....and getting one big enough to put in the freezer so you can have it for 3 days....one day I'll venture out and try a different kind but for now its MOM STOP READING............................. Pomegranate Paradise (she hates the word pomegranate) anywho its delish!!

The movie CRAZY STUPID LOVE.....seriously I bought it on wednesday and have watched it twice already....ridic funny people!!

TEA....I have been in loooove with it lately!! Scrumptious and soothing...great stuff!

This billboard I saw while driving to Utah!.... it shows a picture of Kermit the Frog and next to him it says "Eat flies, dates a pig, hollywood star!....Live your dreams!!" ....I just loved it!!

Putting my creative abilities as my focus lately..... weight lifted off my shoulders and big sigh...this is what I love....

This new photo challenge!!!!...Today you get two because I didn't have internet yesterday!!!

WHAT I WORE:      

I want to feel like this every day =) so I am trying live that saying "do something every day that scares you" Ps...its a hoody I wore!

WHAT THE CLOUDS LOOK LIKE:....they look like they are bringing in all kinds of unhappinesses!!..the.sky.is.hurting.my.feelings.

Anywho!! Hope everyones weekend is going fantastic!! and that its not snowing tooooo much wherever you may be! =)


Friday, November 4, 2011


What would a "pamper myself" day look like for you?

When I think of a relaxing ME day...I don't think of Spas or anything like that...I think of a day full of all the things I love to do!! So the other day I REALLY needed a me day...so I took one! :)

Started out with a trip to the museum...this month it was on WW2...which I LOVE to learn about!!

Ummmmmn I want this bike!!!!!

above is and actual letter from a wife to her husband!


Their Dinner and Breakfast and Lunch packets came with instructions on how to eat it....I wonder how it tasted...

This above is a chocolate bar!! ...."to be eaten slowly"

They had all of these crazy "weapons" disguised as ordinary things...so smart!

 Above is Nazi uniform...with skulls on it...not nice..

Love this!!!

Then the most interesting thing I saw was something I had never heard about!! A baby gas mask! They looked like normal gas masks but a bit bigger with a little fabric flap at the bottom....they would put the baby inside and close it!! There was a little flap where the mom could put her hand in to sooth the baby and a tube pumping in air! So weird!!!

Also at the very end they had a movie playing of interviews they had had with some local veterans....that was my favorite part!! I love to hear their personal stories and I was impressed at their great sense of humor!! So cute and wonderful!!

The next stop was Starbucks for a yummy delicious HOCHO! mmmm!! And then while I enjoyed the warm goodness I drew some sketches!....so relaxing! :) And they have the Holiday cups back....makes me feel all Christmas giddy!! yay!

Next stop!....the MALL... :) don't worry no shopping spree! Just a scarf I had been eyeing!! 

Then I went and bought Crazy Stupid Love for a girls movie night!...have you seen this movie? Oh my goodness....all kinds of laughing through this movie!!...and ummm possibly a leeetle bit of drooling over Ryan Gosling...siiiiigh....

Annnnyways!! So Alexa (my work out buddy :) ) And I went to Zumba 

Then we came home and watched the movie!..

WHAT A DELIGHTFUL DAY!!!.....Take some time soon to just have a day full of things you LOVE to do!! It really does the mind some good!! :)

ALSO...I am starting a new blog/photo challenge!! The first one is a self portrait! So I took these after I bundled up to go for a walk with Hailey tonight! :)

Its starting to get colder and colder....oh no...winter is REALLY on its way now!...oh no oh no!!
Well y'all....please remember to take a day to pamper yourself! It doesn't even have to cost a bunch of money!! :) Mine didnt!