Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giving Thanks!

ITS AUTUMN!!!!! I love autumn....just DON'T be snowing on me any time soon mmmk? ya hear me?!...oh wait you already did that!!! Yes thats right it snowed in Idaho...I almost cried!! 

Anyways!....You wanna know one of my secret thoughts?...ok so its weird but I seriously think it often!...

Well whenever we play cards as a family and I do bad on the first round I ALWAYS say..."practice round!?".....Well...Sometimes I think that this life could have the slightest possibility of being just a trial run...I know thats not true but I honestly sometimes close my eyes and hope I just get to wake up a baby and do it all over again!!...Make different choices and decisions!!

Then I just get to spend one weekend with my family and I realize that I just need to be super grateful that these people still love me as much as they do!! I LOVE my family more than anything!! And getting to spend just a few days with them is such a blessing but then so hard at the same time. I NEVER want to leave!! This past weekend was nothing different!!

THANKSGIVING WITH THE COOPER/ ROBERTS FAMILY...consists of a LOT of food!...and games and fun!!...

First is a night of homemade pizzas mhmmmmmm!..

Pops making the pizza dough!!!....yummmm!

Cant not snitch some while you make =)             

& Greg the pizza king!!

 ALL the in nummy ingredients!

Mine and Chris' finished product....soooo goooood!

We couldnt agree on fresh tomatoes or cooked tomatoes...it was 50/50

Chris and Linds finished product

Then LOTS of playing!

 I love this boy!!!

Raspberries on the tummy!! he loves it =)

 These boys make me the happiest...

Dessert Pizza.... "the most amazing pizza!!"- Cooper

Mickey eating smarties.. mmm...


Whhhhy are you guys being so loud!?

This is what I got when I asked Cooper to smile...


annnd... they love eachother...

 Ma and Pa =)

Fam Jam!!!


Pumpkins!!!...mine is the owl...

Homemade pot pies...mmm...

Best weekend ever?....hmmm YES!!! I love getting to spend time with the WHOLE fam!! I couldn't have asked for more than having Erinn and Greg and the boys home! ......So bottom line?....Be grateful for those who love you...there really is nothing better in life! =) No matter where you've been your family will be there and love you! So appreciate every moment!!...I sure do!!

Hoping everyone came out of their turkey comma!!!


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