Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leaving Home...again

I first heard this song from my sister and oh how it relates to my life!

There is a part where they talk about feeling like no one would even notice if you left this town and never came back.... I have felt like that for SO long about my home town. Like it just wouldn't even matter if I never showed my face there or anywhere near there ever again! In fact I have felt like it would be better if I didn't!...... Yet, this time leaving HOME was a LOT different for me. It was HARD like really HARD. I haven't felt like that in a LONG LONG time!! I felt like I had grown to love HOME all over again. I also realized that there are so many people there that love and care about me. That is DOES make a difference when I am not there...and that people miss me and wish I was there! Such a great feeling to have people asking me and telling me not to leave! I felt welcome again. And it was so nice!! It was also so so so hard to leave my family!! I spent the majority of my school break with them and I loved EVERY minute of it!! I miss you guys so much!!
I know though that I am where I am supposed to be....and of course there are people here that I missed quite terribly!! Ya'll sure make it tough to feel complete when everyone I love is kind of all over the place!! ....Really, cant we all just move to some Island...cough cough HAWAII cough cough....and live happily ever after??...sounds good right?
Anywho...I just want everyone to see the most important message that is given in that song....and that is that things sometimes are hard...ok sometimes things royally suck!...but you have to know that one day everything will be different and everything will be day you will be happy again!....I know this too be true...because my family had one really CRAPPY year...and all of our one days are coming for us! It is such a happy thing to see happen! And I am so grateful for the faith we have all had and the support that ya'll have been to help me get to my one day! I am happy again and there are more GREAT things to come!!



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