Sunday, September 25, 2011

If Youre Goin Thru Hell ..... Just Keep Goin...

"Will I be the same when this is over?....No you won't be the same!..You will be so much stronger!...You will be AWESOME!"

I know that sometimes it may seem like the trials are never going to stop hitting you on the head...threatening to knock you straight out cold. But we can all overcome these hard times! Sometimes it is SO hard to imagine that what was said in this talk will be true. That one day we will have blessings far greater than our sorrows we felt through our trials. We can all be made stronger and have our testimonies grow brighter through our hard times.
How I feel angry...hurt..sad..wondering...alright WHY AGAIN?...Can things not be right for us if we are doing our best!!...Yet, I know from this talk that the righteous are not exempt...sometimes it is the righteous who get the toughest trials put in their way.
We just need to be strong enough that when in these hard times we will not falter, we will  not let Satan grab a hold of us and take us down. Because when these trials hit (and they will), HE is gonna be right there waiting to put doubt in your mind, and tempt you to fall....We have to be strong enough and brave enough to say... will not have will not have my testimony!..You will only help my family grow stronger and more unified! We will get through this and you are not welcome to be any part of it!!

I KNOW that we can all get through hard matter how small or HUGE the trial may be!...With the love and guidance of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ....and with the love of our families!..and when its all over...we will be stronger...we WILL be awesome! =)

I love my family...I am grateful for the relationships that have been able to grow over the last year. You guys mean the world to me! I know that we can get through anything! You are all the biggest support to me when I need you....and I hope that you know when you are facing hard things I WANT and will TRY to be the biggest support when you need me too!

Happy Sunday EVERYONE...Next week is General Conference...and guess who is going to be there in person!!!....thats right I AM!!...that'll be some good bloggin!!


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  1. I just love you :) this post made me tear up. I've said it before and I will it again. You are a great example of strength. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. The Lord is mindful of you. Every tear today, will be returned 100 fold with tears of joy!! We know the faithful are always compensated for every loss :)


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