Friday, September 16, 2011

1 week down!!!

SOOOOO I have officially knocked off one week of school for the semester! its like what 14 weeks left?....nooo problem....hopefully...

Anywho obviously Awkward and Awesome is a must this week!! here it is!


Do you remember how my first day last semester someone was dressed just like me?....first day first class...some girl is wear the exact same shirt....WHHY me!!! I clearly need to get a little more original with my

Having a guy start to ask me for my number and then maybe I made a weird face or something? because he stopped mid sentence and changed the subject...or maybe I had something in my teeth...who knows! Either way I dodged the awkward bullet of.....hummm I have a boyfriend...i know you think im really just saying no....but really I have a boyfriend!!!!!

my stomache growling in class during the basically a thunderstorm in my tummy!...oh that? yah don't mind me!!...just a little hungry!...if you couldn't already tell!

wearing a china bun to class(thats nothing new!) and having my teacher give me a weird look and are balancing that on your head well!...hummm first of all...its hair I dont have to balance anything! second of are a guy YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT STYLE.....i will never give up the china bun...i don't care who mocks it!

French class when someone says something to me in french when i walk in the door...excuse me what was that?..that wasn't english?..oh RIGHT I'm in french class...excuse the weird look I just gave you!...and cue awkward moment where I choose somewhere else to sit!

Being all proud of myself thinking I finally learned my phone number.....then realizing Ive been giving out the wrong one....I should just go back to telling people I don't know it...its embarrassing but..less..


my roommates!! I could not be happier in this department! They are all so fun and uplifting! Good times I tell ya!

Our apartment! is lookin pretty dang cute I tell ya!!....and our rooms are a good size....and our beds are COMFY and get this!!...I don't have to build towers out of random things just to plug something into the outlet!! YAY!

Getting 100% on my first french test!...thats right people...I basically should just move to Paris or something already!

The rain...I can finally wear some of my cute warmer clothes!!...ok I know this coming from a girl who lives for hot hot hot sunshine, bikinis, tank tops and short shorts.....but lets face it, that only makes sense when you live in Hawaii!!

ME GETTING BETTER AGAIN AT BLOGGING....I pinky promise this blog isnt going to be boring as all get out anymore!! I just need to get my motivation back and now that I am getting more settled into life and got thru the first week of school....I think I can get back into the swing of things!!




  1. lauren! i love reading your blog your so dang funnnnny! haha so i take it your at byu idaho again! PARTY! you make we wanna go there haha.

  2. Hahahaha I love this and I will also NEVER give up the China Bun! :)


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