Thursday, August 11, 2011


DA DA DA DA!!... AWKWARD AND AWESOME DAY!!!..Don't pretend you aren't excited!


The time I had the drunk patient who would NOT let us take her tooth out...and kept leaving the room and I would have to go run around the office trying to find her...then letting us try to remove her tooth but half way through freaking out and leaving....then today I told the story...and GUESS WHO COMES IN!...oy vey! she had not changed a bit!

Asking a patient if her parents are there with her..."NO." "neither of them?"..."My Dad is DEAD!".....oh geez ok...well ya this is awkward!

Realizing your patients hair is stuck in one of your instruments....not to mention..patient is a 20 year old male....let me tell you, that guy found some interesting things in his hair today...if he brushed it that is!

The little girl patient who was laughing so hard she cried...but then was crying because she was are not supposed to be scitzo when you are only 7!


Getting to see my sis EVERY day at work!! ...makes things just that much easier to get through!

Having a little ray of sunshine patient who said things like .."excuse me, I like dolphins!"... "And you know what?, I like Racoons...because they are SO CUUUTE!"... "I ate all my mashed potatoes, and you know what?...they all fit in my mouth!"... "Sometimes I get splinters, my mom tries to get them out, they bleed, then she throws up!"....oh to be 7 again...

My first paycheck in a WHILE! I remember why I do this job!!...mmmmm money!

Laying in bed with the blinds open, while there is a GINORMOUS thunder/lightning storm!..that put me to sleep better than any tv show can!!

SKYPE...whomever invented this deserves a HUG!..or just a pat on the back!! You done well! saver!

BREAKFAST for DINNER....theres just something about BLUEBERRY pancakes at night! Scruuumptious!

ITS THE WEEKEND TOMORROW!!....Hallefreakinluja!


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