Friday, August 26, 2011

A& betcha!!


That AWKWARD moment when you've already said "what?" three times and you still have no idea what the other person said so you just smile, nod and just agree.

Having a patient come in because of a broken tooth and when you ask where abouts the broken one is they say "just a sec" and pull the TOOTH out!..yah the WHOLE too...except the roots!! " oh its a little bit sensitive so I just stuck in back in.." like its NO BIG DEAL!...excuse me sir but I donno if you are aware but you are holding your tooth in your hand...just FYI!!

Then having another patient come in with a "broken tooth" he walks in with stitched all across his swollen lip and then starts telling me what happened and I notice the tooth is completely missing! Root and all!!..kid got hit with a metal pole and the tooth went thru his lip then came right out!..come on people lets try to keep these things called teeth INSIDE our mouths k?..thats what they are meant for!! 

Having something poking me in my armpit ALL day and wondering what the heck is stuck in my scrub top!...oh that?... just my underwire coming COMPLETELY out of the bra...time for some new over the bouldershoulderholders?...TMI?... I didn't think so! =)

AWESOME  sauce

I AM DONE WORK IN 6 MORE SHIFTS!! woop de woop!! back to "school" I go!!

Dinner Dates with the Sis and Ames!!...ummm sooooo super duper LOVES THIS!

Uplifting letters from awesome friends!...makes my heart all warm!

Awesomeboy is FINALLY in the same time zone again!! is just that much better!!

ZUMBA!...kicks my butt...but I don't mind one bit!!



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