Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons....

YOU HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EVA!!...Well thats what I did anyways!

It started out with some Waterfall goodness...the water was FREEZING and the rocks hurt my feet..but I loved every minute of it!!...sun and water!...glorious!

Then some more bridge time!!

Then I got to cross off my life long dream of going to a drive in movie!! ahh!! I can't even tell you how excited I was for this!! =)

They even really have the little silly cartoons before!!

Then I got present from awesomeboy cause he is all kinds of awesome!!

It was a watch and it is way cute and I love it!! (oh and don't mind that artwork behind me...awesomeboy is some what of an arteest! bigdeal!)

AND cupcakes at the lake!! velvet with a choco dipped strawberry!.. I tell ya this boy sure knows the way to my heart!!

And this one was way good also...raspberry? ..we don't know...but delish!!

This one did not survive the trip...but it still tasted faaantastic!!...coconut lime! mmm

Time with the girls at the lake!!...I had to promise to crop out everyone's "ponch"..too bad Natalie is too tall...and skinny!

And of course time with the boyyys!

Then we ate din din at Cafe Rio....YUM!!...we were all too hungry, tired, and roasty toasty to even think of pictures of that!!

I think Chris is a leeetle tired and burnt?
Oh well...Still got to enjoy the fantastic FIREWORKS!...How nice of the whole Country to help celebrate my bday with me!!...soo thoughtful! =)

Such a good bday for not being at home with the fam!! I missed them tons and tons!! But got to talk to them on the phone! Made my day =) especially when Cooper said Happy BirSday and even said goodbye before throwing the phone down!

All in all HUGE just to get through these next couple weeks...I can do this...I can do this!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday Lauren!! So happy you had such a great day. You're looking great as always ;) I love your blog!! Xoxo.


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