Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A&A Wednesday? meh sure!


Have I told you about the girl in ballet who burps non stop? I can't remember....but anyhow I am pretty sure that she follows me around on purpose...Its sooo strange...

Another girl in my ballet class asking where I am from...I say Canada...she looks AMAZED...and says "whoooa! you are FROM there? LIVE there when you aren't here?...NO WAY!".....uh you did hear me say Canada right?..not Africa or anything like that?

Pouring crackers into my cereal bowl this morning... apparently the stress and lack of sleep is starting to affect daily life..

Having to remember to remind myself of things and still forgetting,... like remembering to put underwear on before I put my clothes on...Im seriously losing my brain here kids!! 

The rain and humidity doing strange strange things to my hair!...bleh...good thing I wear it in a china bun so often it doesn't matter too much!

Buying food from the grocery store with the expire date being july 17 2011...opening it at home and wondering what the horrible smell is....oh ya don't worry about was MOLDY as all get out!..EWWW

The face I made when I bit into my plum this morning after I'd brushed my teeth...if anyone saw me I can promise you they got a good laugh this are welcome!

Me + bowling = AWKWAAARD! .....I told everyone how much I suck (I really do) and asked for bumpers...we didn't get any and I got a strike on my first bowl...ehhh what the? Uh and this freaky place doesn't let you have names..just numbers..ruuuude!


I have drank 3 bottles of energry crystal light things... I feel amazing..I'm not sure if its good...but its necessary!..AMAZING!..

I only have TWO finals and one is open book online...uh cha ching!! 

I will be leaving the monstrousity I call "home" in 1 week!! can I get a wooo hooo!! 

Velcro bowling shoes...nuff said...  

Getting to see the fam in one week!!! I for real need some hugs and slobbery smooches from those 2 cutie pie boys!! 

Coca Cola in a glass bottle...makes me feel all fancy and stuff!! ....also this picture happened when all I wanted to do was get a picture of the bottle!...thanks awesomeboy...

This pic is all I wanted...

I get to go see WICKED with the whole fam tonight...OH WAAAAAIT...NOT...they are all going to the only play on my bucket list...WITHOUT me...thanks rock!

Banana Muffins!....which I am making tonight so stay tuned!! They will be blogged the same week they are made..for once!..


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