Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday...we are friends!

"When you have a bad thought that makes you down on yourself, tell it to go to HELL, because thats exactly where it came from!"

-This saying comes from a Young Womens leader I had when I was younger and I have NEVER forgotten it!! 

So this week has just been a little bit...weird?..I donno how else to explain it!!
A lot of thinking has gone on and ok honestly I've been grouchy! Sometimes I just am not sure how to get my feelings out and sometimes I feel bad for feeling sad or hurt or angry.
Then I was trying to think of a way to help a friend out last night because she wasn't having such a good day either and this is what I thought...

It doesn't make you weak to admit to feeling pain, in fact it's a sign that you are so much stronger because you feel it!

And I really do believe that!! I haven't been expecting to feel the way I have off and on all week. Sometimes I think its the days that you don't expect to suck, that suck the most! Because you go to bed fine and then wake up in the morning expecting it to be another day and BAM you are taken down buy something like a freight train that smacks you right in the face!!...NOT FAIR!! And the way I see it is that when this happens we only really have two options...

1.You can give up and throw your hands in the air and admit defeat and failure, wallow in sorrow and self pity, say why is this happening to me?, allow it to make us bitter and angry and refuse to allow Heavenly Father to help you get through that tough moment or tough day

2. Do not give up, realize that Heavenly Father made you strong enough to face even the things that He wished you didn't have to. Then realize that you can find and feel joy, that you deserve to have happiness, get through the tough time, say why not me?, turn to your Father in Heaven, admit that you need His comfort and guidance. And have the faith that He will help you through, because he LOVES you sooo much more than you can even imagine.

 And when I really look back on my week...It was actually good!! I spent a lot of time with people I love and had a lot of fun. Awesomeboy took care of me when I needed it and I could not ask for more!! So this coming week...even though I am turning 22 and don't want to...I am bound and determined to kick the bad days in the teeth and say NO THANK YOU! I'm having a good day no matter what!! 

I love you all and hope you have had a good long weekend!! 


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