Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jet Setting again = sucky blogger!!!

1 WHOLE week without blogging...uh whoops! Where did the time go?! OH RIGHT...

I'm in MICHIGAN with awesomeboy and his AWESOME fam!...I wish I could put some pictures up...and I WILL at some point, its just that I forgot my cord sooo Im gonna have to figure something else out to get them on here!! Anywhooo!!...

It all started with a wonderful plane ride from the BEAUTIFUL GAAAHHETTTTOO GreatFalls airport! Seriously folks have you ever been in there?...bring hand sanitzer and LOTS of it!! The plus side?...I got to sit all by myself on the airplane!..Not so plus side?..The airplane was as ghetto as the airport, and there were a few times I was pretty sure we were goin down!

THEN... I BARELY (not exaggerating) made my connecting flight...Where I had the privilege of sitting by a man who smelt like salt and vinegar chips (gross) , and there was a GIGANTIC  thunder and lightning storm so we had to reroute and take about 45 mins longer than planned...yay...

ButTHEN I made it safe and sound and so did my luggage and awesomeboy was there waiting for me and we had a great reunion! know like in the movies...where they run up to each other and the guy picks the girl up off the ground and twirls her around and then they kiss?...ok it was nothing like that...but it felt like it anyways! =)...we had been apart for ONE whole week people, cut us some slack!

Anywho...I will update more when I can get some pictures on! But this place is fantastic!...Even though its so HUMID my hair doesn't know what to do with itself, the thunderstorms are amazing, and the company definitely makes up for it!

Hope everyone has been having some good hot summery days!! I think we ALL deserve them!!


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