Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I would just like to say that I love blogging...I love it because I can get my emotions out...but I also love it because I like to think that my posts are uplifting and have good messages..bring a good feeling to those who read it and maybe a nice little chuckle here and there when someone isn't having the best day!.... I DO NOT use this blog to embarrass or say hurtful things about ANYONE! That is just not who I am or what I would ever dream of doing!...Seems a little bit childish to use it for me anyways!
Recently there was a hateful blog posted about me...used my name and everything. None of it was true but for some reason in this persons alternate universe this is how they felt. I don't appreciate this and neither did anyone I know who read it! ...Some times you are just your own worst enemy I guess! Poor guy!...I could have and still could now blog a not so nice post about him. But I would never do it! Sometimes I just can't understand people and my Mom helped me to realize that you can't reason with insanity! So that is what my blog is about today!


So I am just not going to even try anymore! I have become so much better at surrounding myself with good genuine amazing people! And as my mom would say "getting rid of the poisonous people" in my life! I LOVE YOU ALL who have and continue to support me in everything! Thank you for knowing and loving the REAL me!! I just adore you all to pieces!!


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