Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh Happy DAY!

Recently my amazing strong brother reminded me of a very important message called "Hope ya know, We had a hard time." This video message is amazing and so powerful and I think has been such a blessing in my families life over the past year.

Its no secret we have had a hard time. We have all grown so much and grown closer together than I think would have ever been possible without the hard trials we have been given. I love this message so much because our Heavenly Father always knows when we are having hard time, and I believe so strongly that when our hearts are breaking he aches with us. He is there and knows our sadness. I think that what probably hurts him the most is seeing us so sad and heartbroken when he knows we will be ok and he will do all he can to comfort us, yet he still has to watch us figure it out for ourselves. How grateful I am for the example my brother and sister have been to me. They are so strong and amazing. They were there for me and I have tried my best to be there for them. Our family is so strong because we are able to see each other having a hard time and we are able to at times forget ourselves and help each other. I am also SO grateful to my amazing friend AMY who has at times forgotten her hard time (and also forgotten about having to get up for work in just a few short hours) to comfort me in mine. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. How blessed I am to have had a hard time in order to have a better one. I know my Father in Heaven loves me and my loved ones enough to give us hard times, to make us better people, and stronger in all things.

Moses 5: 5-6
Heavenly Father gave Adam and Eve the commandment to sacrifice the firstlings of their flocks and when an angel comes to Adam he asks ...why dost thou offer sacrifices unto the Lord? And Adam said unto him: I know not, save the Lord commanded me.

Sometimes we don't know why we are asked to do things or go through hard times. We just have to have faith and trust the Heavenly Father knows why and that its for the best.

I love you all SO SO much!! I hope your weekend was amazing and your Sunday even better!! Thank you for being you and being a part of my life!


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  1. Lauren, I just love you :) Thank you so much for these kind words and great post! I'm so grateful for all of the Cooper's. You guys have been a major blessing in my life. You are so right, Heavenly Father knows us - he loves us, and his plan is what's best for us. You just need to have a little faith.

    Ps.. love that mormon message - it's one of my faves :)


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