Monday, June 13, 2011

A&A Monday?..Sure Why not!

Best week ever...ya'll will end up with a double dose of Awkward and Awesome since I decided to skip it last week forgot about it last thursday! Shucks! I know you were all very dissappointed! Anywho here we go!


One of my professors reffering to sex as "doing the little nasty"...uuhhhhh?... why that even came up I don't remember...pretty much thats all I remember from that class..weeeeird!

Being in a room with someone who pretends to like you, when they have openly hated on you, Oh hello big elephant in the room, nice to have you here!

This guy with a Loooooong pony tail and the weirdest patchy body hair everywhere, at the hot made me gag(out loud) and people around me heard...ya I know I'm rude...wooops

Having a slight issue with germs and having people talk about how after being at the hot springs they are always itching...bleh bleh...get me out of heeeere!!! Mind over matter people.

Over hearing a girl tell a guy...." its ok, my brother actually tells me to put out!"...oh you didn't just say that...

The cookie of the week from last week....EPIC FAIL!!....who likes snickerdoodles anyways...


Water For Elephants!! ...If you haven't seen it, DO! It is fantastic!! I usually wonder half way thru a movie if its over yet cause I hate being in theatres but I didn't even wonder once! Oh so great!

Going to a movie with awesomeboy and it only costing us $3...for the movie theatre is a little sketch..who cares!

Fun nights with fun people!!

Cuddle time after a long day...oh and comfy clothes after a long day!

Getting good grades! ...for most of you it has happened your whole life...for me I never gave a crap till college...Im actually kind of good at this stuff...whoda thunk it!!

Well there you have it! Awkward and Awesome Monday....whats a Monday for anyways!!


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