Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Sunny Sunday!

I love Sundays so much! Honestly I have just been waiting for Sunday to finally come around this week! I needed it really bad. Not that I had a bad week at all or anything of the sort. I just simply needed it! I had a pretty nasty headache to start out the day and it lasted through all of Church. But I knew I couldn't go home! I had been waiting for Sunday to come and I knew I needed to be at Church and that I was going to get something out of being there today. In relief society we talked about the importance of the Temple and my last Book of Mormon class was also partially to do with the Temple. I will be honest that I know this subject keeps coming up in my life for my benefit... and I have been struggling with it. I love the temple so much and I am so grateful to have the blessing of being endowed and able to attend but over the past months it has been hard to get myself to go. Tisk Tisk on me because it is such a major blessing to have...especially when things are hard. So... I am hoping after some prayer and thought this week that I will be able to go very soon!... because I want to and I need to and I know it will be nothing short of an amazing experience! No matter how I feel before going I know I will feel peaceful and comforted the minute I walk through those doors. I am so grateful to know that my family will be able to be together forever through the blessings of the Temple and I am grateful to have the opportunities to attend temple sessions with them!!

I also just wanted to share this video I was watching this morning on HERE

And it just helped me to realize that bad things do happen but we can't let those bad things ruin us. Heavenly Father could fix the bad things that happen to us but sometimes he won't and we have to trust that it is because he loves us and knows what is best at the time. I love my Heavenly Father so much for giving me my trials and knowing whats best and knowing that I can handle them. I have learned to trust in his plan for me and have seen the miracles and blessings that have been brought into my life because of everything that has been hard. I also am so proud of my family for being so strong in the face of their trials also. I am so grateful for them and glad to have them in my life! Happy Sunday everyone!! I hope it is beautiful out wherever you are so you can enjoy some time outside!! 

P.S.- go to that website and watch all the I AM MORMON videos! They are so fun and uplifting!


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  1. Lauren!! This post made me cry. You are great. You are strong. Everything you said is so true. You will be blessed beyond comprehension for what you have went through and for how obedient you have been. Thank you for your great example and for all of our great talks. I love you and think the world of you :) xoxo.


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