Monday, June 27, 2011

Going HOME!

The hardest part of the weekend....getting in the car and driving
Now, months ago I never thought this would have been a problem. I had actually decided to never set foot in that town again...let a lone not want to leave it! Not that I don't love my family and I did miss them terribly while I was gone...just sooooo many horrible memories! But I have realized in the last couple of months that its just time to let those bad memories go and start making some really good ones! And thats exactly what the last couple of visits home have been! GREAT memories!!
How you could tell we DID NOT want to leave.... I conveniently HID misplaced my keys, Awesomeboy forgot his suit and I forgot my flat iron...ugh!!

How could anyone possibly want to leave when you get to spend a few short days seeing these faces every morning! (bright and early I might add!)

Mickey is the bestest new addition to the fam! ...Look at those chubby chubby cheeks!! All the cuddles, giggles and smiles definitely make the pulling hair, getting spit on and puked on..twice!, and changing dirty diapers, all worth while!!..I couldn't put him down!! Awesomeboy and I took him for a SUPER long walk and he was sooo good the whole time...just cooing and looking at EVERYTHING around him and laughing the whole time!...

Cooper is SUCH a big boy now and SOOOO much fun to be around!! He just goes goes goes all the time! And he says the FUNNIEST things! Like saying to my mom.."YOUR NUTS!" and calling my dad "Chunky Ray". Oh my goodness...I just can't believe how big he is getting! I love both of these boys soooo much!!

And Erinn...their AMAZING mama!!...She is strong, creative, playful, loving and so caring to these two boys! I love to just watch her be the mom she is! She is such a great example to me!! Even when Cooper is being a stinker she has so much patience with him. And you can tell she is exhausted at some points but she still plays and plays and goes out of her way to just make sure her boys are having a good day!!

I wish I could be there to spend the whole month with them!! I feel like I am missing out on so much!! But I am so grateful for them being home with the family for the next few weeks! I can't wait to go home at the end of the semester and spend some more time with them! =)

This weekend was just so great! Spending time with the whole family made all my cares go away!

In the words of my very wise and loving Mom..."People may come and go in our lives, that is inevitable but the people who are firmly in your corner and in your life for eternity are your family.  I cannot think of a greater thing then to have a built in cheerleading team who is completely on my side, cheering for the success me and my team.  That is what a family should be and should do."

What I have learned over the last while is that relationships change...sometimes people drift out of your life and sometimes new ones wander in! But the one constant I have had is my family! I love them all to pieces! Being home on what I thought would be a tough weekend only helped make things better and help heal and move on! Plus who could complain!! I got to celebrate my bday early...AND ride my bicycle which I have been missing terribly! And have the most delicious birthday cake EVER!!! Thanks to my moms baking skills and my poppys icing skills!

Hope everyone weekend was just as enjoyable as mine! 


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  1. LAUREN!!! You are amazing, girl! I see an enormous change in you... you are smiling, happy, content and at peace! YES!! We LOVE you too! :) Coop asked for you this morning and I told him you will be back soon! xoxoxo


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