Friday, June 17, 2011


Ready for another dose of Awky and Awesy??...


That I just typed awky and awesy....its late and I'm tired...mmk?

Purchasing a picture of an owl while wearing a shirt with an owl on it....its cooler to be a crazy owl lady than to be a crazy cat lady...right??..RIGHT!?

some questions are awkward...and embarrassing.....nuff said!

trying to find my sunglasses....frantically looking through my bag for them...oh right...on my head...right where I left them!..I think Im getting old!!


Doing a little internet shopping!...Happy Birthday too ME!!!...or so I thought they would come around my bday...nope they came the same exact day I bought them!! Go figure!

The new sunglasses I bought online!! gaah I love them! They are made of bamboo! neat right?...I promise to post pics stat!!

Going to the Temple!! :)

Outings with awesomeboy...doesn't even really matter what we are doing!! It is ALWAYS fun and I am ALWAYS laughing!!

rubber CTR rings ;)

The fact I get to see my fam next weekend!! woo woo!! so exciting!!

Well it was a short one and not TOOOO exciting!! what do you expect thought? my life is not THAT interesting to have 2 of these in one week!!

It is the weekend though peeps!! I hope its good and that I have some pics to share soon!! Haven't had any in a while!!!!

ENJOY some glorious days off!!!


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