Thursday, May 5, 2011

YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS!!!!...if not..thats awkward..


- watching someones dress blow up in the wind on campus...I'm not even talking the oops that got a little dangerously high ...I'm talking holy moly that girl just mooned EVERYONE!...eek...

- having a runny nose during ballet....dang you you stupid cold!!

- having someone tell me I have something in my hair..."ya i know its supposed to be there"..."no you have something in your hair".."YAH DUDE I KNOWWWWW"..."ok that weird"...and then they walk away...

-dumping out an entire bag of dried fruit just trying to find the apples...there aren't any!! I have a mess and NO apples!! says apples on the bag!!! RUDE!!

- this girl in my film class...she talks at the most awkward times and says THE MOST awkward things and no one laughs or even acknowledges her...its I usually do the pitty laugh thing...UNTIL I caught her cheating off me in a test today AND I also saw her change one of her answers on another quiz that we marked ourselves and then mark it correct!!!! NO MORE PITTY LAUGHS FOR YOU!! I DON'T ENJOY YOU!

- THIS little mishap:

Note to self...first lesson in cooking... DO NOT put hot grease into plastic container... bad idea... I was legit shocked when this happened too....super awkward and stupid of me!! oh well...never again!


- The SUN coming out to play!!...oh I missed you old friend!

-Dry fruit from costco...even if they lied about the apples...still rude

-Getting 100% on 2 exams and 1 writing assignment and 90% on another....I'm not bragging..I'm genuinely just as surprise as you are!


yup I am going to that tomorrow and I am TTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSS excited about! ok thats an understatement!...She is my fav...I adore her music! ...just sayin...its gonna be awesome!


See mom / dad... I'm NOT starving...I CAN COOK...despite the little mishap with the grease..oops! AND it was pretty yummy!!... broccoli, chick, bacon alfredo past!..not bad right? 

- Making those meringue cookies again and having them turn out cuter than those blobs from last time....Sorry no cookie of the week....its a repeat this know like a tv show?... BUT make them again and try some different lemon or something? =)


Alright so you can't really see them good...I just couldnt get a picture to do them justice...either way, I have feather extentions in my hair and they are cute and I like them! maybe sometime Ill get a better pic!



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