Monday, May 30, 2011


Alright so you wanna know whats wrong with having the most amazing wonderful great fantastic awesome exciting fun weekend?....It ends ...lame right?..

Honestly it was the best weekend! Full of family, friends, awesomeboy, sushi, AMAZING food! And just a lot of fun!! I wish I had taken more pictures buuuut I was just too busy enjoying myself!! Sooorrry!! Next time! ;) But here are some pictures that remind that there are SOME good things about being back here....

My new phone!...yes its purple! fantastic is that?!

 Awesome roommates that leave me this on my mirror in the morning!

BEAutiful flowers from awesomeboy!!

Ballet =)

Well there you have it folks!  A little update in the life of ME! I promise not to go a full week again without putting something on here! ( my dad was getting on my case!!! )


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