Saturday, May 14, 2011


Alright so umm blogger and I haven't really been getting along for the last few days so sorry folks!! Here it is Awkward and Awesome!!


The crazy eyes some guy gave me when I smiled at him the other day while walking home from school!! I don't even know how to explain them....alright those who have been to the PCC in Hawaii and the mowrys do a dance and have crazy eyes...thats what he scared me!!

Almost falling down the stairs pretty well every time I leave my apartment!...They are broken everywhere so its really not my fault...right...

I know a crazy person...literally crazy and its weird and awkward and I donno what to do about it!!!!

The fact that I have to do build towers out of random stuff just to keep things plugged into the lie... check it out...

yup thats what I have to do for EVERYTHING!...isn't that great? probably shoulda put this into the awesome catagory hey?...BLEH!!! also this loads in iphoto right way up and on here it just loads it like this...but you get the idea!..erg!


THE SUN!!! and everything about it!! like walking to school in it ....laying outside in between classes in it!...Reading outside in it!....Running in it!...EVERYTHING I tell ya!.... we are pretty much best friends!

SNOW CONES!! yummy yummy snowcones!

Fun dates with fun people!

Live bands! woo woo!

The weekend...oh how I just love the weekend!

Great friends and guys rock my world!! I love you all!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!! And that its beautiful wherever you are!!


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