Sunday, May 8, 2011



THIS SONG not only reminds me of how amazing you are mom but it also reminds me of all the mornings afternoons and nights we often spent dancing around the house while we cleaned baked or just simply danced and danced and danced and danced...

You made my childhood so much fun all the time! I don't even know if I can possibly say all the things that we did that I loved! But here are a few!

  • skipping for hours and hours on end. you made up rhymes and also bought the coolest book full of skipping poems! This was one of my favorite activities growing up!
  • playing games like ; what time is it mr wolf?, red light green light, coloured eggs and so many more.
  • doing endless crafts like how you would save all the holiday cards and I would cut them up and make crazy pictures out of them on paper. 
  • the rain dance, and then hiding under the plastic tarp on the lawn so we could watch the rain storm. Then once we got a little bit soaked, running inside getting cozy, watching a movie and drinking hot chocolate.
  • TGIF parties =)
  • getting push pops from the ice cream man all the time!!
  • reading me story after story!
  • Taking dinner to dad when he worked late so that we could get to see him.( I am honestly not sure if this was for dad or for us because I loved it every time! But I am almost positive that you knew how much it meant for us to be able to see him even if it was just for a few minutes out of the day!)
You never missed a step when it came to being a mom to a little girl! My hair was always cute and I was always in the cutest clothes! And oh all the sleepless nights you spent up with me when I was sick! Making a bed on the couch and having gingerale lined up and a puke bucket and soda crackers and all the movies in the world to watch! You always made it to every important event!... special days at school, award days at school, ballet/ figure skating/piano/ voice recitals. I remember one time during a skating performance where I totally biffed it HARD right in the beginning and I remember just thinking the whole time don't cry do not cry because your mom is watching and you need to make her proud! And I didn't cry until I stepped off the ice...but when I did cry you were there to tell me how amazing I did and how proud you were that I held it together out there. I also remember ( i know you dont remember this cause we talked about ) But I remember falling on my way into ballet one time and I was SO embarrassed that I had put a hole in my tights and you said I just needed to be confident and go in there and dance!! So...thats what I did!!

You even were always there to encourage me even when I got a bit older and A LOT snottier! I don't know how you even talked to me during those years!! Yet when I was in trouble or sad and something bad happened you held me when I cried and made sure everything was ok! I can't even tell you how much I appreciate your unconditional love through out those tough years!

You helped me get into dental school and helped me make it through!!...You sent me a thought of the week and never missed one! You let me vent on the phone to you anytime I needed it and helped "gently guide" me to just push through it and see the light at the end!

That unconditional love has carried on into my adult years also! Where I've made some silly choices and been my stubborn self!...When my whole world crashed and burned you held me every night while I cried and cried and cried! You cuddled up on the couch with me and watched tv. Let me come sleep in your bed with you! You helped me every step of the way to put the pieces back together again! You never are short of encouraging words and endless support as I've been making decisions and going here and there and everywhere! I love hearing you say the words that you are proud of ME!

So Mama I want YOU to know that I am proud of YOU! You are sooo amazing! You never stop giving to everyone around you! You are soooo incredibly selfless all the time! You are the best example of a wife, mother and friend. You are successful in so many ways! You are beautiful and kind and so loving! You are inspiring and your testimony is so touching! You give the best hugs! You help make everyone around you a better person on a daily basis! You make me a better person!

And for all of this I am eternally so grateful! I hope you know that I love you so so much! And I miss you tons! I am so sad that I can't be there to tell you all of this in person this year! But I am where I am because of your help and I love you for it! You are the best mom that I could ever ask for and I know that Heavenly Father sent me to you because he knew that you would do the most amazing job raising me. Happy Mothers Day Mama! You are the greatest!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo X a trillion!!

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