Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Wish EveryDay Was Saturday....EXCEPT Sunday!!

OK ...has everyone's weekend been as awesomesauce as mine?! ahh I freaking hope so!

Friday I went to Idaho falls and got Panda and it was delicious cause I was craving it and then went to the man made was neat and THEN to satisfy my addicition to HOCHO we went and got some starbucks!...mmmm white hocho we are definitely friends! ...Then I about froze my butt off watching awesomeboy play soccer and for reals kick some butt at it! Best goal I have seen!!

Saturday...was a good day!...I finally got a new phone that doesn't look like the one I had when I was 14!! AND it works for both the US and CANADA!...Uh yah I am finally reconnected to the world! That was a LOOOOONG few months there! Don't recommend trying THAT!....then ran some errands and theeeen spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do my hair and what to wear out to a SUPER fun night of fun with awesomeboy and friends! ...Basically I know a famous person....ok I don't really know him...THEY  do and he isn't "famous" YET..but he did just release his first album and its on ITUNES and he is REALLY great!!...anywho we went to his record release party and it was definitely bombtastic!...don't believe me?...Go HERE and watch his music video! 

ANYWHO ONTO SUNDAY!!! the most important day of course!!...Church was so great! Every week I get so overwhelmed by the Spirit as I sit and think about my life during sacrament. No lie and everyone knows but my life has been a whirlwind for the last 9months ( I hadn't realized it has almost been a year until my mom pointed it out yesterday.) But oh my goodness looking at my life now I am SO overwhelmed with what I have been blessed with! And now looking back I have been so blessed the entire 9 months...although I didn't realize it then. My life is exactly where it should be and is meant to be right now! And for this I am grateful! I have such a close relationship with my family...closer than ever before!... I have friends that amaze me with their love and compassion more and more everyday! I have met so many new people that I love having in my life! And things are just great! So I am writing all of this down so that I can say thank you to all of you...and so when I have a killjoy day I can go back and read it and remember that I am SO extremely grateful for the life I have and the people that I have in it!

Happy Sunday everyone!! I  hope its all it should be! :)


Oh and I HAVE to share this song I have been listening to over and over and over and over...ok you get the point! But literally its on repeat haha! And give a shout out to my friend who reintroduced me to this band...i love them!!....and YOU are AWESOME ;)

Yah I am pretty much in love with this song! know you like it! It's so dang cute!

Anyways Imma shush up now!! love ya'll

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