Saturday, May 7, 2011

I wanna hold the whole wide world right here in my open hands...

Ok soooo I went to Mindy Gledhill's concert here on campus lastnight! And oh she is just wonderful and so inspiring!! They were handing out these programs on the way in about how Mindy got to where she is now and I loved reading about her adventure! It says that in highschool she was snubbed by both the highschool chamber choir and high school plays. This only made her even more determined too succeed and so she went and got a job selling smoothies to pay for voice lessons! This sort of reminded me of myself these days! If you are gonna tell me I can't do something well then guess what I am going to go find a way to do it!! I could go on and on about how amazing this woman is! She is herself and doesn't apologize for it and because of this she is extremely successful! She is married and has two beautiful little boys and is expecting her third! So she has a family and dreams and goals and does it all! Yet she lets everyone know that life is never perfect, but that you have to embrace everyday and be grateful for it! Especially in this song where she tells a story of when her and her husband were first married and renovating a home where she had to do the dishes in the bath tub and her husband had to remodel the floor and instead of removing the tile and then placing the new tiles he just simply put the new tile on top of the old, making it impossible to close the bathroom what do you do when that happens? the only logical thing of course....he took the door off! haha what a wonderful story!! heres that song!:

I've been on this incredible journey for the past oh about 9 months now, just looking to rediscover who I am and what I want to be and what I want out of life! I am so glad that this concert last night was a part of my adventures because Mindy is such an inspiration and an amazing role model! She helped me to realize that its ok to be myself, actually its more than ok! Also that I can have dreams and if I work hard I can succeed in anything! ...When I'm having a bad day and just miserable things are happening I need to embrace it and let it build me into someone better! Thank you Mindy Gledhill for an amazing inspirational night! You were and are amazing! Good luck with everything in your future...especially that new little bundle of joy that is on his way! =)

Here are some pictures from the night! ...ENJOY and I hope everyone's weekend is going just as fantastic as mine!! 

xoxo my lovelies!

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