Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Day Ever...Literally ;)

I love Sunday!...Everything about Sunday!

I love being able to walk to church!

I love feeling the spirit!...Today I felt so grateful for the blessings I have and receive in my life

I love listening to friends talk in sacrament!...props dudes you did bombtastic!

I love awesome relief society lessons/teachers

I Looooooove having a picnic and laying outside by a waterfall ALL afternoon!

I love watching movies and being lazy!

I love hearing super happy news about friends!! Congrats Beefy!! I am SO SO SO happy for you!! Can't believe you are all grown up!! I love you so much!! And Mark you are one lucky guy...this girl is a Im positive you already know! =) You guys are both awesome!!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope it was all it should be!! too bad tomorrow is Monday!..crap it already is Monday...



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