Friday, May 20, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Anyone?

Alright Im kind of faking you out because I really am not in the mood for nothing extremely awkward has happened that I remember at this point! Sorry for the let down this week folks!

Can I be honest here.....well obviously you can't stop me from writing but anywho...I'm kind of frustrated... And the funny thing is its like my mom knew I would be frustrated today because she sent me such a fantastic thought of the week! ( she does this every great is she!?) Anyways its about handling the Plan B's in life. I've never really enjoyed having to have a plan b...until this past year because it has brought me to such a better place in all aspects of life but.. Honestly plan b can suck it because I hate it! BUT here are some words of comfort from my mama that I really love:

"The thing I always think about when I think about a Plan B is that it's just an adjustment from your original plan and enables you to sometimes make lemonade out of lemons.  And when you really think about it some Plan B's move you in the right direction or contribute to diverting you from something that you might not of benefited from in the long run.  A Plan B could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to a person. "

She sure is a smart one isn't she! So I guess I just keep going...even if I end up at Plan Z...its gonna end up good because it kind of has to doesn't it? erg I'd like to think so! But what I would REALLY like is for something good to happen and not disappear just like if that could happen anytime soon it would be great...just FYI to whoever is listening out there!! IT WOULD BE GREAT!

Well alright you guys can have one awkward and one awesome....its only fair since you have to put up with me being a killjoy kind of often!


  • Public washrooms...I hate them so much.... I can't go to the bathroom if I think someone can hear I usually wait for whoever else is in there to leave....well today I think this other girl was doing the same was way awkward...and a little uncomfortable! so I did the only logical thing...turned the water on...she thought I was crazy...gross?...sorry but its true!!


  • This past week...ya its been pretty freaking awesome!

Well next post I assure you will be in much better spirits! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!! Its the weekend tomorrow dontcha know?! ENJOY IT! it never lasts long enough!


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  1. I loved this!! SO MUCH!!
    I love that blurp about plan B - we both know I am stealing that for a blog post. I think you're so great and I can't wait till we see each other!! Keep being awesome :) Loves you xo.

    Ps.. it's so true.. sometimes plan B's should have been our plan A because they will get us where we ought to be.


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