Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday!!.. Its awkward AND awesome!

Alright sooo awkward and awesome has been on hiatus for a couple weeks now! Sorry folks! But here it is again! can I get a woop woop?! =)


umm typing the word awkward...I seriously have had to retype it about 3 times everytime!!

Waking up in the middle of the night and not remembering where you are! ugh HATE that!

Pretty much completely matching with the person who is walking you around campus all day! No joke here guys... light blue button up shirt, dark jeans and tanish colored shoes...well mine were boots but anyways we matched and people noticed!

People still staring at me wondering why the heck I'm SO dark!..just ask me k itll be less awkward!

Getting singled out in class for missing the first day and then having a one on one convo for a good 10 mins with the teacher infront of EVERYONE...then he says "sorry if I singled you out."...uh yah you think?


My parents! who set up my entire room while I was at school today!...shout out!! I just love you!!

Ballet class!...SOOOOO AWESOME!!

Getting through my first day of school in two years!...I still got it! oooh ya!

Having someone make dinner for you! =)

Nice actually nice...go figure!!

Only having one class tomorrow....oh yah I can handle that!!

Well happy thursday everyone!! I hope it was awkward and awesome but mostly awesome!!


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  1. i'm so glad i found your blog! you have turned into a world traveler, i can not keep track of you! where are you now?


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