Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Day WithOUT Shoes!

It really is an eyeopening experience to not use something that I take for granted every single day! It's not easy or comfortable but it was definitely a worth while experience! So here it day without shoes...

 Leaving for work with NO shoes on....yes i leave for work when its still dark out!..wah wah..
 Driving with NO shoes on...CHILL I wasn't actually driving and taking a pic at the same time!
 At work with my TOMS on! Could lose license without proper footwear on in dental office...darn you rule makers!!
 What I got to walk on all the way from work to my car..
 Going into the store to renew my car registration...during busy hour..people stared!
 In WalMart with NO shoes on...even more people stared!..haha...awkward!
 I accomplished my goal!
And my feet weren't even that dirty!...just a few rocks stuck in them!

try it out y'all even if you missed out on it today! It's very interesting and might give you a perspective on how easy we have it even just with something as simple as not wearing shoes!!


Oh and P.s- today was my last day at work...can anyone say permagrin?...surprisingly it was actually kind of bitter sweet...more sweet but still!! =)


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