Monday, April 25, 2011


" I like my money right where I can see it!...hanging in my closet!"
- Sarah Jessica Parker

Well Happy Monday everyone!...ha I bet you all just laughed because Mondays are never happy..riiiiight? Well I hope everyones was happy inspite of it all! I also hope everyones weekend was SO good! Anywho my monday was just fine...went to a few WAY confused in my theatre class. oh well!
Anyways ..bleh ...who the heck wants to talk about school on a monday..silly me!..THIS was the most exciting part of my day!.......

Ahhh I can finally breathe now that my closet is organized!..Oh and don't even worry...the full closet does not contain my entire wardrobe...silly people...I have 3 drawers full also AND some still in a suitcase....EITHER I have waaay too many clothes OR I need a bigger closet...yaaaah pretty sure I need a bigger closet! ;)

Happy start of the week y'all! miss you loads!


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