Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lesson Learning Filled Day!!

There's gotta be a bad day at least once...even in Hawaii...right?
Well today wasn't necessarily a "bad" day...BUT it was not a very smooth wonderful awesome day!
YET I would take a day like today in Hawaii over a day in SoAB..sorry but its SOO true!!

Anywho... lessons learned today!

  • If you are planning on visiting Oahu anytime soon...or any time ever..SKIP and completely IGNORE any desire to visit Hanuama is so not necessary!.. They just so conveniently leave out the fact that they have little to NO parking so you have to park a million miles away and walk mostly uphill to get to the entrance...where they then charge $8 a person ( its a beach guys...theres plenty FREE ones everywhere!) Then they make you wait until they have room for you to watch a mandatory film about the bay...I don't want to learn about it I just want to see it...and play in the ocean and sun...mmmkay?! Its torture people!! Then another lovely million mile hike down to the water. Now I love hikes BUT this isnt enjoyable!!..Then...the beach is rocky.. bleh bleh bleh!! So for real people don't go there!...Go to Waimea beach...its beautiful and it has a huge rock to jump off and a toilet bowl to play in and then you can drive a few more mins and go snorkling at sharks cove..all FOR FREE!!...we are doing this on friday...its gonna be AMAZING
  • Sunscreen can be my friend..sometimes...cause I am a leeetle bit toasty today. So that was one plus about the Bay was I got a lot of sun!..tanning baby oooh ya!...BUT ok..I was here for 5 weeks straight...didnt wear sunscreen and didn't burn once NOT ONCE..minus one time with the eyelids but that was a freak accident...anyways now 5 days in I'm burnt...explain this to me?! sense!
  • DO NOT ITCH SUNBURN...oooooooowwwwwww!!!
  • Boys get PMS too....end of story it just happens k.
  • If you dont know what something means on a menu and your waitress barely speaks english...DONT ORDER IT!!...bleh!!
  • Sun improves my mood...immensely! 
  • I LOVE and always will LOVE Hawaii and my family! =) 
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!! I miss you tons and sorry my blog is seriously lacking lately!..the internet is slow and it has problems loading my pics..and my patience is lacking also!...Promise to update you with the entire trip soon! 


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