Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ok so today I need to do this...

..... get it? I NEED TO VENT!... ok not funny? Irregardless I need to soooo here goes!

WHYYYY do they make us do clean checks for our apartments when THEY didn't even clean it before I moved in here! I mean for real the bathroom hadn't had a proper cleaning in a decade people!! Oh don't worry now its the cleanest they have seen it in a LOOOONG time! bleh bleh bleh!! So anywho on the checklist I wrote "cleaner than it was when I moved in!" they probably thought it was a joke! ITS NOT! clean the dang apartment before we move in here if you are expecting us to clean it to your liking every couple weeks! mmmk? garsh!

In other news....its as windy here as it is back home!...what is up with that people? And WHY is it still cold outside..its almost may! is not ok!!! do you hear me mother nature?! ITS NOT OK!

My skin is peeling... I look like I have a weird disease... unattractive..very very unattractive!!

And some people kids...I tell ya...they just don't get life!..they need to!!.. and fast!

ok I'm done... and now I kind of feel bad but it was necessary! not every day can be a good one right?...

Well its almost the weekend folks!!! Thanks for listening to me blubber away!! Hope your hump day was happier than mine!! we made it through the middle of the week!!


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