Thursday, April 28, 2011

A&A!! what whaaaat!!


People...straight up...people are awkward!!! let me give you some examples:

-Boy in one of my classes...pretty cute but you know what pretty odd... we sit beside each other every class and i can see him staring at me out the corner of my eye so when I look at him I smile and he doesn't smile..OR look away...whaaat?...when I say hi to him when he looks at me when he comes and sits down he just stares at me..and says NOTHING...whats wrong with you!? I know you can talk!! stoooop staring at me!!!

- Other boy in class asking why I have a band aid on my foot...I say I got a blister in dance...he says thats kind of a lame story...oook didn't realize you wanted me to make something up!!!!...should I have said...someone was trying to kill me and I tripped them and when I tried to run away they cut my achilles tendon?...sheesh! Then he asked me why I have a big scar on my i told him I got attacked by a shark...poor thing may have believed stop asking me so many dang questions!!

- Another boy I often see walking from class who wears girl jeans...I PROMISE they are girl jeans! He is waaay tall and the jeans are too short and way tight and flare at the bottom...oh if I could just make you over!! sure he has a sweet sweet spirit! =)

OK sooo I just came to the conclusion that mostly boys are just awkward!! hmm... I wish I could tell you my most awkward story of the week....because it definitely hits my top ten ok possibly even my top 5!!..I told linds about it...obvi cause I tell her everything and she laughed! hahaha ok rude am i!!

I used to call my ex boyfriend patchy because he could not for the life of him grow normal facial hair! would just grow in patches all over his face....well I have given a new reason for the nick name "patchy" skin is peeling like crazy...disgusting i know...but I literally have patches of lighter skin amongst all my darker skin...eww..bleh..nasty... DRY WEATHER I HATE YOUR GUTS!..that is all..


Ballet class!!! ok I might just put this on every sorry! But seriously!!! It is by far my most favorite class I am taking!! I forgot how much I just love it to pieces! and I'm pretty alright at it too!! And suuuuch a good work out!!

Exercise....oh how much I love you!!

Having someone pretty much call you a spoiled brat who has their daddy hand everything to them...and THEN being able to say that actually I've had a job since I was 14 and before that if you count paper routeS...I paid for all my dental school tuition...bought my own car and just worked for 2 years and am now paying for this schooling and paying all my own bills.....EAT YOUR WORDS NOW!!! =)


Alright so its not exactly cookie of the week more like MUFFIN OF THE WEEK!..but it still counts and I made them with my own hands from scratch! oooh ya!...want the recipe! You got it!

BRAN MUFFINS...the way my momma makes em..mmm mmm!

1 Cup Flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 Cup buttermilk (this stuff kinda stinks)
1 Cup natural bran
1/3 cup oil
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla
3 tbsp molasses
1/4 cup brown sugar

* Mix flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt..push up around sides making a well.
In seperate bowl mix milk and bran together then add all remaining ingredients to bran mixture.
Pour mixture into well and fold in.

grease muffin tins and fill 3/4 the way full.

bake at 350 degrees for 20-25mins


hope everyones thursday was awkward and awesome....makes for good stories doesn't it?


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ok so today I need to do this...

..... get it? I NEED TO VENT!... ok not funny? Irregardless I need to soooo here goes!

WHYYYY do they make us do clean checks for our apartments when THEY didn't even clean it before I moved in here! I mean for real the bathroom hadn't had a proper cleaning in a decade people!! Oh don't worry now its the cleanest they have seen it in a LOOOONG time! bleh bleh bleh!! So anywho on the checklist I wrote "cleaner than it was when I moved in!" they probably thought it was a joke! ITS NOT! clean the dang apartment before we move in here if you are expecting us to clean it to your liking every couple weeks! mmmk? garsh!

In other news....its as windy here as it is back home!...what is up with that people? And WHY is it still cold outside..its almost may! is not ok!!! do you hear me mother nature?! ITS NOT OK!

My skin is peeling... I look like I have a weird disease... unattractive..very very unattractive!!

And some people kids...I tell ya...they just don't get life!..they need to!!.. and fast!

ok I'm done... and now I kind of feel bad but it was necessary! not every day can be a good one right?...

Well its almost the weekend folks!!! Thanks for listening to me blubber away!! Hope your hump day was happier than mine!! we made it through the middle of the week!!


Monday, April 25, 2011


" I like my money right where I can see it!...hanging in my closet!"
- Sarah Jessica Parker

Well Happy Monday everyone!...ha I bet you all just laughed because Mondays are never happy..riiiiight? Well I hope everyones was happy inspite of it all! I also hope everyones weekend was SO good! Anywho my monday was just fine...went to a few WAY confused in my theatre class. oh well!
Anyways ..bleh ...who the heck wants to talk about school on a monday..silly me!..THIS was the most exciting part of my day!.......

Ahhh I can finally breathe now that my closet is organized!..Oh and don't even worry...the full closet does not contain my entire wardrobe...silly people...I have 3 drawers full also AND some still in a suitcase....EITHER I have waaay too many clothes OR I need a bigger closet...yaaaah pretty sure I need a bigger closet! ;)

Happy start of the week y'all! miss you loads!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cookie of the week!

Thought I forgot about it didn't you?! Well I didn't!!...ok so I didn't make a cookie BUT here it is!...And I PROMISE next cookie of the week will be made by my hands!

I wish it wasn't blurry and I know you prob can't read it! Soooo it says : THERE ARE LESSONS TO BE LEARNED BY LISTENING TO OTHERS.

hmmm... I like it!

Now go to a Panda Express near you ( or any chinese food place with a fortune cookie!) and get your own!!

Hope you are all enjoying your last few glorious hours of the weekend!


Happy Easter Sunday!

Today is a really great Sunday! Don't you all agree!?
I love Sunday ...and Easter Sunday makes me reflect a lot on what a blessing it is to know truth and have this gospel in my life. It makes me so grateful for what my elder brother Jesus Christ did for me and for all of us. Today I realized more than ever that I in return have a responsibility to tell others of this truth and let them feel this wonderful blessing in there lives also. So heres a song that I love and that reminds me of all of this everytime I listen to it!
So head on over and read THIS
And then listen to and watch the video...and mostly importantly..ENJOY!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I love you and miss you all SO SO much!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday!!.. Its awkward AND awesome!

Alright sooo awkward and awesome has been on hiatus for a couple weeks now! Sorry folks! But here it is again! can I get a woop woop?! =)


umm typing the word awkward...I seriously have had to retype it about 3 times everytime!!

Waking up in the middle of the night and not remembering where you are! ugh HATE that!

Pretty much completely matching with the person who is walking you around campus all day! No joke here guys... light blue button up shirt, dark jeans and tanish colored shoes...well mine were boots but anyways we matched and people noticed!

People still staring at me wondering why the heck I'm SO dark!..just ask me k itll be less awkward!

Getting singled out in class for missing the first day and then having a one on one convo for a good 10 mins with the teacher infront of EVERYONE...then he says "sorry if I singled you out."...uh yah you think?


My parents! who set up my entire room while I was at school today!...shout out!! I just love you!!

Ballet class!...SOOOOO AWESOME!!

Getting through my first day of school in two years!...I still got it! oooh ya!

Having someone make dinner for you! =)

Nice actually nice...go figure!!

Only having one class tomorrow....oh yah I can handle that!!

Well happy thursday everyone!! I hope it was awkward and awesome but mostly awesome!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes you can find strength in weakness

Its cold again, and I do not know what to do.
I need a friend, but all I really want is you.
Where have you been, I haven't seen you for so long
I guess you're gone you're really gone
So long ago you told me you'd never leave
What do you know.. things have changed so suddenly..
Here I am, I am moving on without you, without you

Now a year has passed us by and I still do not know why before you tried you chose to quit.
So where are you tonight? You could have made everything right, but instead you're missin' it

You're missin it, all the things that I have done
You're missin it, everything I have become
So wave goodbye, cause you can never get it back
No you cant you really cant

There will be a day where you wish you could go back
Your mistakes will catch up with where you're at
Before you know, all your chances will be gone, they will  be gone..

Because a year has passed us by and I still do not know why before you tried you chose to quit
So where are you tonight? You could have made it all alright, but instead you're missin''re missin' it...

There are so many ways that you can lose someone. You can lose a friend, a parent, a child, a spouse or any loved one.  You can lose them through just simply drifting apart, or an argument, a death, a tragedy, through your own choices, or through the others choices. Which ever way you lose hurts. Its hurts even when you know you did everything you could possibly do to not lose them...yet you lost...Theres always all the "what if" question that honestly can drown a person because you will never get the answers to those kinds of questions. I have been trying to just let those questions go, realize that I will never ever ever have the answers that I so desperately have searched for.All I can rely on now is the answers that I have received over the past year. Some days are harder than others. Somedays I feel lonely and sad, others I feel motivated and empowered!..Today I'm not entirely sure!..The best advice I have gotten is from my sister who told me to prepare for the days I know will be harder, make a plan for every feeling you might possibly feel. The day might turn out not to be as bad as you think it will...Looking back to a year ago today...nothing in my life is the same. I don't even recognize the person I was a year ago to the person I am today. Nothing has remained the same...not me..not my surroundings..nothing. I have learned so many needed lessons that I never would have, had I not suffered this loss. So I guess you could say that in losing someone I found myself. As much as I lost...I gained so much more. 

What I have learned in the last year...

What I have planned for myself and what my Heavenly Father has planned for me will not always be the same...always rely on him..he knows best.

I have learned who my real REAL friends are. It's amazing to see who will run away from you during a trial and who will not let you go down without them. So many people who I thought would be there for me weren't..yet I was equally surprised when some people who I never assumed or asked to help me were there no matter what. And some people I have always been able to rely on kept me going thru the hardest days. 

I met some people thru this trial that had I not experienced it I would not even know them...that makes me sad and so grateful for this trial because I don't know what I would do without these people in my life! =)

I have learned to give my energy and attention to those who deserve it and will give me theirs. My family is now and always will be number 1 on my priority list! I love them so much.

I have learned to be selfless...yet that its ok to put myself and my needs first...sometimes it is necessary.

Service to others in need is one of the best medicines!

There is no better place to feel comfort and love than in the house of the Lord. Oh what a blessing that I got from this trial also. For this I am grateful.

An eternal family is an amazing blessing that should not be taken for granted ever!..I am so grateful for the knowledge that I will be with my family forever..and I look forward to the day where I will create my very own eternal family. =) I can't wait.

I am strong. So much stronger than I ever thought possible. I have made some mistakes thru this...I have acted out of some points I honestly could have been send to the loony bin. But all in all I think I came out of this a year later pretty dang good!

I can now look fear in the eye and laugh at it and just go for it!..its ok to live my life for myself!

Its ok to feel...angry, sad, hurt, ...most importantly..its ok to feel happy, even when you think you shouldn't.

I now know what it is to truly have a broken heart and contrite spirit and to turn everything over to the one point I threw my hands up and said you go...just tell me what to do and I will do it because I seriously don't have a clue anymore...I learned he will guide me and never leave me.

I know that my Heavenly Father has a plan for me!.. I know that one day this is all going to be a part of a huge plan! If I put all my faith in him I know I am going to be more than ok! I am going to be the happiest girl alive! My testimony of the gospel has grown so much more than I thought possible and my love for it has grown sooo much also! 

Those are just a few things I have learned over the last year.... I lost someone...and it hurt...a pain unlike anything else I can imagine. But was a blessed because of it?..Immensely.. I wouldn't change a thing! 
When someone asked me how I was feeling I told them in all heartfelt honesty that I was grateful for this hard time in my life...they looked at me confused and asked if I was crazy?...I replied with that I probably could have done with out it but that I truly was grateful for it. Then I started to wonder if I really could have done with out it?...I wouldn't be where I am today...And I honestly needed a swift kick in the pants! you know what... I really honestly truly could not have done with out this trial..and my Heavenly Father knew it!

So this trial became a blessing...a blessing that was hidden in a really hideous awful disguise...but a blessing non the less!

A shout out to all those who even though they didn't agree with some of my decisions support me anyways and then when everything came crashing down stood beside me no matter what and helped me put the pieces back together again. To everyone who held me while I bawled my eyes out and who made me laugh when I didn't think it would ever be possible to laugh again. To everyone who took me in when I needed it and hung out with me when there were plenty of other things to be doing!... To those who answered my phone calls and comforted me no matter what time of the day or middle of the night it was!..To everyone who knew me before my world fell apart and were there for me through the whole mess and to those who met me during and loved me anyways! To the people who I have met because of it all!.... I love you all so much! I will never be able to express it!... I hope I never have to see you go through something so painful but in case I do... just know I will be there NO matter what! I'll never be able to repay you for your kindness and unconditional love.

Thank you so so much for the examples you are to me! Oh and happy sunday! I hope it was delightful! 


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Breaking NEWS!

Sooooo yesterday checked another thing off my bucket list!...and here it is....

 Before the jump...forced smile!
 At this point my eyes are closed just waiting for him to go!
 And here we go!
 There we go!...
 ooooh yaaaaaa!!
 and our shoot works! phew!

 the view!
 safe on solid groud
 victory dance!
 me and big jim!

happy to be alive!

Do it people you wont be disappointed!!....ignore the whole waiver form of signing your life away!...its not as scary as they make it seem!! ;)


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cooookie of the week!

IceCream Cookie!!

And the recipe?...

Take your next available flight into Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii!
Drive up North Shore until you come to a small little surf town called Haleiwa 
Where you will find a cute colorful little bakery called Waialua Bakery
Here you will find the most scrumdidiliumptious icecream cookies ever! mmmmm!

While you are here you can also go ahead and grab a sandwich...they are as big as your face and well...scrumdidiliumtous also!

Happy weekend y'all!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lesson Learning Filled Day!!

There's gotta be a bad day at least once...even in Hawaii...right?
Well today wasn't necessarily a "bad" day...BUT it was not a very smooth wonderful awesome day!
YET I would take a day like today in Hawaii over a day in SoAB..sorry but its SOO true!!

Anywho... lessons learned today!

  • If you are planning on visiting Oahu anytime soon...or any time ever..SKIP and completely IGNORE any desire to visit Hanuama is so not necessary!.. They just so conveniently leave out the fact that they have little to NO parking so you have to park a million miles away and walk mostly uphill to get to the entrance...where they then charge $8 a person ( its a beach guys...theres plenty FREE ones everywhere!) Then they make you wait until they have room for you to watch a mandatory film about the bay...I don't want to learn about it I just want to see it...and play in the ocean and sun...mmmkay?! Its torture people!! Then another lovely million mile hike down to the water. Now I love hikes BUT this isnt enjoyable!!..Then...the beach is rocky.. bleh bleh bleh!! So for real people don't go there!...Go to Waimea beach...its beautiful and it has a huge rock to jump off and a toilet bowl to play in and then you can drive a few more mins and go snorkling at sharks cove..all FOR FREE!!...we are doing this on friday...its gonna be AMAZING
  • Sunscreen can be my friend..sometimes...cause I am a leeetle bit toasty today. So that was one plus about the Bay was I got a lot of sun!..tanning baby oooh ya!...BUT ok..I was here for 5 weeks straight...didnt wear sunscreen and didn't burn once NOT ONCE..minus one time with the eyelids but that was a freak accident...anyways now 5 days in I'm burnt...explain this to me?! sense!
  • DO NOT ITCH SUNBURN...oooooooowwwwwww!!!
  • Boys get PMS too....end of story it just happens k.
  • If you dont know what something means on a menu and your waitress barely speaks english...DONT ORDER IT!!...bleh!!
  • Sun improves my mood...immensely! 
  • I LOVE and always will LOVE Hawaii and my family! =) 
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!! I miss you tons and sorry my blog is seriously lacking lately!..the internet is slow and it has problems loading my pics..and my patience is lacking also!...Promise to update you with the entire trip soon! 


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome To The Jungle!

So I've got a lot of catching up to do!!...This was on Sunday and its now wednesday BUT I'm just having so much fun and being lazy and been SO tired...the 4 hour time difference is WAY worse than the 3 I had last time!..anywho!...We went to a botanical garden on Sunday and it was seriously a Jungle! So heres some pics! Enjoy!

Don't ya'll wish you were here?...I wish you were too!!!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Happy Sunday!

How grateful I am today to be in my most favorite place with my most favorite people.
Sundays are such a blessing and a lot of times a really big eye opener for me.

For anyone who had every lost someone special to them... you can be with them again!...How comforting and what a great motivation to live life righteously so that we can return to them. I love my family so dearly that I would do ANYTHING to be able to fulfill the promise of being with them eternally.

Enjoy and know that families can and will be together forever as long as we live in a way that will bring us this blessing.

Love you all and hope you had a wonderful Sunday =)


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Day WithOUT Shoes!

It really is an eyeopening experience to not use something that I take for granted every single day! It's not easy or comfortable but it was definitely a worth while experience! So here it day without shoes...

 Leaving for work with NO shoes on....yes i leave for work when its still dark out!..wah wah..
 Driving with NO shoes on...CHILL I wasn't actually driving and taking a pic at the same time!
 At work with my TOMS on! Could lose license without proper footwear on in dental office...darn you rule makers!!
 What I got to walk on all the way from work to my car..
 Going into the store to renew my car registration...during busy hour..people stared!
 In WalMart with NO shoes on...even more people stared!..haha...awkward!
 I accomplished my goal!
And my feet weren't even that dirty!...just a few rocks stuck in them!

try it out y'all even if you missed out on it today! It's very interesting and might give you a perspective on how easy we have it even just with something as simple as not wearing shoes!!


Oh and P.s- today was my last day at work...can anyone say permagrin?...surprisingly it was actually kind of bitter sweet...more sweet but still!! =)