Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Day #18 is about birthdays!....I love how our family celebrates birthdays!... We don't do a big huge hoppla or anything... We have a tradition called the birthday basket and how it works is... ok so we go in order of bdays SO I do my bros basket, he does poppys, then he does Lindsays, then she does moms and then mom does mine! I love it so much because its usually just a couple things that are really meaningful and the persons favorite treats! So then it puts a lot more emphasis on spending time together and having fun!

And as it so happens Linds had her bday just yesterday! ( this post was meant to happen on the day of...stupid internet..)

So here is the bday post to the bestest sister in the whole world! Happy Happy Birthday darlin! You are so amazing and I hope your day was just as fantastic as you deserve! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you! I miss you like crazy and am sad I missed it! BUT I am sooooo excited to celebrate when I get home with a sushi/movie date!...I love you bunches and was thinking of you on your special day!!

Oh...and then I finished off the next container of icecream...JUST for you!! =)


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