Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday again already!

Umm happy sunday again already! Is it just me or did this week fly by?...Probably cause I have been running around with an actual schedule and 0 sleep...oh how lovely to not be lazy on a beach all day...NOT!

Anywho it's Sunday so lets focus here! I love sundays and today I took it for granted and I'm kind of mad about it! I let some stuff get to me and make me grumpy and I just did not have a good attitude at all. Plus I was super tired and slept in and was rushed in the morning. blah I suck at life today!! But I got to teach primary again and oh how I missed that! Even though they were kind of bonkers I still just love them and they make my Sundays worth it just to have them answer my questions and actually seem like they are learning something from this slacker! LOVES them so much! Anyways then I wasted my life away with a 3 hour nap... BUT THEEEN I had nice boy mention the hymn " I need thee every hour" and it reminded me how much I love that hymn! So I listened to it and I remembered that I need my Heavenly Father every hour...the happy easy ones and the stressful horrible ones. Also at my friends funeral last year someone sang this hymn and I remembered that I need to be so grateful... even to have a bad day!... I should have remembered that today and I'm sure my day would have gone a lot smoother and I would have been ( ok...I cant not blog this and it has to be right in the middle of my sentence because I was just rudely interupted by a fly...flying crazily and then dying right by my face on my needs to be over STAT!) anyways I would have been a lot happier and gotten more out of my mental note next Sunday... APPRECIATE IT!! I only have 3 left here!

Well here is the most wonderful hymn that I love..... thank you nice boy! =)

Thanks all who put up with my rock...seriously!...( special shout out to my sister...who made my Sunday all it should have been!...just in the knick of time..I love you girl!)


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  1. I LOVE this hymn. How true it is that we need our Father in Heaven and our Savior every hour of every day. You are so great and I just could not love you more!


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