Thursday, March 24, 2011

oh?...what?...its thursday!?


writing out my whole awkward and awesomes then having my computer freeze...that is a perfect example of my entire week!!

Thinking its friday on monday...and every other day of the week... except wednesday when I thought it was Saturday...uuuh...whats wrong with me?

asking a patient a answer...asking answer....hes passed out! how the heck do you fall asleep while Im digging around in your mouth?...really?..

Having the weird lady voice rudely interrupt my phone convo to say "this call is now being recorded" followed by person on the other line wondering what in the heck I am doing recording our phone coversation?...uhhh im not...I swear I have no idea where that comes from..

3 hour naps starting at 7 pm...never a good idea!!..I had to make myself get up and walk around just so I didn't pass right back out!..goooood times!


Wednesdays off work!!!..ooooh yaaah!!

Homemade soup and dumplings!...thanks rock!

Peanut Butter Cookies...YUM!

Modern Family...makes my tummy hurt from laughing!

The most fantastic slumber party with the most fantastic sister ever....tomorrow night!!...wooo I already know its gonna be awesome and it hasn't even happened yet...thats how awesome its gonna be!! Never too old for a slumber I right or am I right?!

2 days in Calgary this weekend to see a few of my fav peeps!... I can barely contain my excitement!

2 week countdown to Hawaii...coooome on thats pretty awesome!!

Welll....the second time around not so funny...but I hope you appreciate that I wrote this twice because I had a hard time bringing myself to do it!!



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