Monday, March 28, 2011

My Weekend Be Like...

SO AWESOME!...wanna see what the most fantastic weekend ever looks like? ya go..

 So Linds and I had a sleepover annnd we made cookies..annd..they didn't turn out so good!...whooops!

 This pretty much sums us up right here... nail polish, nail files, juice, tanning lotion, cell phones, trail mix, cookies...the concoction for a great night!

 yay for matching painted nails!

oh that?... thats just me loving bella..shes the bombdiggity 

 look at that face..
 yah shes the best sister ever!!...
 Then I went to see Lanae in Calgary and we froze our butts off taking engagement pictures in the snow...then about got put in jail for not having tickets for the train...uuuh?...i had no idea?
 Then I got to spend the night chillin with miss Georgia..
 ya we made some awesome crafts...
 miss G's finished product
 My finished product...

 pretty much love this girl
 she rocks ...and dont even worry...shes 6 and her fav song is Ke$ha-Blow...and she will sing the entire song!

There you have it folks...such a fantastic weekend! back to reality...waah waaah....7 days of work left! I can do it...I caaaan do it!

Hope y'all had a great weekend too!


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