Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So uh...kinda haven't had the internet for a couple days and honestly... it kind of killed me!..made me miss everyone and you know the thing where you want what you can't have?..I think the fact that I couldn't get on the internet even if I wanted to is what really drove me bonkers! Oh that AND the fact it was crummy out all day also! rained and was crummy today as well!...I think Hawaii is sad that I'm leaving!

Anywho..... not having the internet bummed me out BUT then I got motivated and this is what came of it!..

I went and took some pictures of the lovely flowers around here....

Then I decided to make some real good use of my time and finally finish the best church book ever and study the scriptures..
 All while looking like the biggest nerdy/scrubby ever!...woo!
Oh and I really love this coconut picture I took while on my walk!..

Hope you are ready for another post!...I have a lot of catching up to do!...and its rainy rainy!


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