Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here it is... Day #20

You thought I forgot didnt cha?..Well no I didn't ...But I am just sitting at the airport waiting for my delayed flight...can you say awesomesauce!...not... you know what else is SUPER awesome sauce..going thru security twice at the same airport...because genius here forgot something in my friends car!..ugh what a day.... I am CLEARLY not meant to leave! oy vey!...Anywhooooo Day #20 is to blog about this perfect is that! ok I know I cheated and made it for today still counts!

Where the heckers do I start? This month has definitely been full of adventure!... It kind of feels like a dream! I feel like I was just sitting in the airport waiting to come out here! This month has taught me a lot... given me a lot of answers...some I wanted...some I didn't want! It taught me patience.. It taught me that sometimes the past is there for a reason and sometimes it should stay there! Its showed me that sometimes the people you expect to be there for you wont be and then on the other hand some people you didn't expect to be able to rely on will be there to help you out no matter what! How cool is that? It somehow restored my faith in people! This month also taught me A LOT about myself! It restored some independence that I had somehow lost a long my travels in life! And I feel really good about getting it back! I'm ok on my own and I'm myself again! I'm really proud of myself for doing this experience all on my own!.. I payed for it on my own, experienced it on my own, got in some sticky situations and got myself out!...Learned to stick up for myself. This month brought some disappointment... unfortunately...but I got thru it without having anyone to hug me and comfort me (of course my mom helped me on the telly) But I still think I handled myself really well!...Overall this month ROCKED...It'll definitely be one of the best experiences of my life! No regrets what so ever! I am finally ready to just get a move on with my life!!...starting of course with another trip back to paradise with the whole fam jam in about 4 weeks! oh my gosh that cannot come fast enough!..and THEN school at BYUI..woo hoo! Anywhoo thats getting a head of myself...focus ..focus. So I don't really know what else to say about this month! You all have experienced it for the most part with me! Its helped me put so many things into perspective and to say goodbye to some stuff I didn't need to keep hanging on to.. Its truly been such a blessing..and a life changing experience and really well...awesomesauce!

Well everyone thats my month! I am not ready to face the next one! But I can and will and then everything will be so fantastic to follow! I miss you all like crazy crazy and part of me I will admit can't wait to be home...or that could be the tiredness and hatefulness of this airport talking who knows!!

Sleep tight my lovelies and I will see you soon!


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