Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy SUNDAY!...

It's not sunday anymore and I just realized that I missed doing a happy sunday and it made me sad so here you go all! HAPPY SUNDAY...its 3am...but i can still pass it off because I haven't gone to sleep yet SO...for me it is still sunday! yay!

I love that song SO much!.. I really believe that thru my hardest trials I can rest in the Lord and he will bring me peace joy and comfort. Not always in the ways I expect it but in the ways that will benefit me most! What a true and joyous blessing to have the knowledge that when I need my Heavenly Father and ask for him he will be there...ALWAYS!

Happy Sunday everyone...I hope it was as amazing as mine!...Because honestly it has been SO SO amazing and uplifting. It has strengthened my testimony more than ever to be home with my family and feel their love and feel the comfort of the gospel!

Enjoy your week ya'll!


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