Monday, March 28, 2011

Every party has a pooper....

Thats why we invited poooper!

Today I feel like complaining and since its Monday I feel as though it is the perfect day to rain on everybodys Happy Monday Parade...since there just shouldn't ever be a happy monday parade...or should there?...because then it might actually be happy?...hmm... but seriously you are on a huge high from the weekend and then all the sudden...BAM!..monday happens and it takes you by surprise!..


Pretty sure I have to worst luck ever...I followed the EXACT same car into lethbridge and then from lethbridge back home to Magrath today...ya ok whats the big deal you ask?....This lovely person (not even elderly by the way) decided it would be a good idea to drive 80...then...50...then...40...then...90...then.. ok you get the point....all the while I am STUCK behind them going completely bonkers!! Whoever you are White Chevrolet BJC- 2712 you better watch it cause you are officially on my list...FYI not a good list to be on!

I bit my tongue today...and man did it killllll!...then to add to it I burnt it on hot chocolate...pretty much can't talk..awesome!

Also the day pretty much lasted 2 days...I'm not one point I said Happy wednesday to an employee and we both about died..

I spilled water ALL over my seat in my about a comfy drive all the way home! Thanks to whomever left their hoody in my car ages the way you probably aren't getting it back because I don't know who you are..mmk? :)

There was a dead bug in my shower and I stepped on it...I hate bugs...a lot..

Soooo what's the remedy to a CRAPPY monday?...I have no idea BUT I basically screamed this song at the top of my lungs to and from Lethbridge today....sometimes people lie...and I don't appreciate it and I want to yell at them...this does it for me!...Enjoy!

If you had a crappy monday as well and wanna share feel free to leave a comment! =)


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