Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day#22,23,24 all wrapped into one!!

Surprise everyone I can't count again!! But day# 20 and 21 will be better for tomorrow so just go with it mmk? Thanks a bunch!

So lets see here.... some that makes me upset and makes me cry....well that is not the most lovely of topics but ok here we go!.... I am honestly really upset about leaving Hawaii and will probably cry on the airplane! But thats just me being a huge blubber baby!

I get really upset when I am disappointed. I really put all my trust in people and believe what they tell me and when they end up letting me down and not meaning what they say it really gets to me. I just feel like if you say something you need to back it up and if you can't then you just shouldn't say it because it makes me feel like that person doesn't care about me and that my happiness doesn't matter! I also get upset when I see a lot of potential in someone and they don't live up to it because I see how happy they could be and all the things they could achieve and it hurts me to see them not doing it! And I also really don't like seeing the ones I love hurting...I always wish I could take it away and fix it!

So now for somethings that make me feel better!! Yay this is happy!!
I loooove my sis linds and her and I have laughed at this many many times..we quote it often and it seriously makes me smile!...if you don't appreciate I don't even know what to tell you..ridic!

Oh and this little guy..... ugh I can't get enough of him!..I'm not even bias this kid is the cutest thing in the whole garsh darn world!!! LOVE!

His laugh is soooo contagious ...ugh i miss him!...Oh and my awesome fam like hearing erinn and greg in the background!! haha love my fam!!

Hope everyone is really happy and having a good day! And if not hopefully I could make you smile even for a couple minutes!!


P.S- Awkward and Awesome will return next week so look forward to it!!

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