Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day #29- I miss...


1   [mis]  Show IPA
–verb (used with object)
to regret the absence or loss of: I miss you all dreadfully.

Well Happy Sunday all! Hope everyones was faaaantastic as possible!...anyone notice that stupid white stuff on the ground this weekend...hates that stuff!! Good thing it was nice out today and it melted for the most part! I was seriously not impressed! Anywho...I really hope everyones weekends were wonderful! Went by way too fast dontcha think? I do! Mine was a little crazy a little busy and a little weird I guess! Went to a talent show, went dancing and had my car break down! ...yay... poor tinney...on her last leg maybe! dang car!

Anywho...the topic of the day is Things that I miss...which is weird because I've been missing a lot of things lately and I don't particularly love this feeling very much!...There are places I miss, people I miss (some that I don't really want and things that I miss. Too much missing if you ask me! I could do without!!...But I will not be missing Hawaii in about 17 days...phew one thing off the list!

Mostly I guess I just miss feeling...comfortable?...I donno if that is the right word...hmm...content?..Yup thats it..I miss feeling content! ahhh well it'll come soon enough! I am just so anxious for life to change again in just a few short weeks! but let me tell you people I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Well I feel like this has been scattered...and thats how I feel today...soo...sorry bout that!

I hope you all aren't missing anything quite terribly! But if you are here is a good song I like about missing!

If I haven't seen or talked to you lately...just know I miss ya k!


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