Friday, March 4, 2011

Day #21/30...One Last Moment...

Uh...sad day!!... that is all I can say... I am having a panic attack FOR REALS!...  Oh and how in the world did I pack this suitcase 5 weeks ago?.. OH RIIIGHT my mom did it for me!..gaaaaah!! I am seriously cuffuffled!! I really can't write at this prove my point I have deleted this post twice by accident...and wrote right instead of write and probe instead of prove and so on and so forth soooo this is going to be way more productive and less spazzy for everyone!... one last moment.. enjoy!.. =(

And yes this is at 630 this morning...yes my eyelids are sunburnt and yes I have massive bags under my eyes....yaaaay I rock!

see ya'll soon!!


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