Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day #19- Regret..

"Never regret. if its good, its wonderful... if its bad, its experience."   
                  - Victoria Holt a.k.a Eleanor Hibbert

hmm well I am not entirely positive how to approach the subject of regret!.. I really do love that quote though because if anything I have learned is that the bad things that happen in life should not be regrets they should be recognized as experience.

Am I proud of all of the decisions I've made in life?..definitely not! BUT I do try to look at them as experiences and those decisions have made me grow and learn. Sometimes its embarrassing, sometimes the decisions have hurt others or myself. I think I could pick out a few things that I would change in my past but then I start to think of who I would be without those learning stepping stones... either way you can't change the past you can only learn from it SO I guess you just have to embrace it all and learn how to make better choices to make a better future!

If I had to pick something that I regret from my past it would be that I didn't listen to the Holy Spirit when I should have. I think I would have learned some lessons a lot quicker...but like I said before I'm stubborn and thats just how I do things! But definitely I wish I had learned to trust my Heavenly Father and trust the Spirit a little bit sooner in life!...but hey lesson learned! =)

I love all of you and who you are today irregardless of your no regrets because you are who you are because of your past and daaaaang i think you are pretty fantastic!


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