Thursday, March 10, 2011


Alright lovelies it is awkward and awesome thursday so get ready for it!...


- going back to work and having to repeatedly tell everyone my life plan..over..and...over

- having people stare at me cause I'm 15 shades darker than everyone else...its real ok people stop creepin me out!!!

- having a patient with a REALLY whacky name..ok go for the last name...even worse...ok just wing it and hope someone stands up! always a treat!

- having a patient tell me about the time he went to the dentist in Britain and the assistants told him to drop his pants and bend over the table and they gave him a needle in his butt and it fixed his toothache...ummm either a) you are lying, b) you are outta your mind!, or c) they shot you up with illegal drugs that made you high as a kite....either way sir that is not happening here...mmk?

- random numbers texting you...and then doing this....  haha random texter: "oh its just kate, are you here?"
me: "umm, I don't know any kates"
random texter: "who is this?"
me: "does it matter? i obviously don't know you"

haha not my own experience but I laughed good at this when linds told me about it...and ya thats awkward!

- meringue cookies... 20 calories a cookie! uh hello!!...only makes me want to eat the whole batch at once!
- dried fruit..I can't get enough
- family time!!
- Skype dates...what a wonderful invention!
- winning a booster juice from friend at work for doing a dare :) I love booster juice and said friend..and self imposed awkward moments!
- getting a pay cheque for one day of work
-having someone tell you how proud they are of you :)
- seeing friends I haven't seen for a while!!! sooo awesome!

-Everyone who even considers reading this....YOU ARE AWESOME!!


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  1. So apparently if you have a toothache, head on over to Britain and they'll take REAL good care of you! AND if your name is Kate and you are said random texter, I don't know you, nor do you know me, so just let it go! mmk?!
    HAHA, this entire post is AWESOME. Not so awesome...having to type this comment THREE (yes, three) times because I am computer illiterate!


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