Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well friends I just thought that I would update you on the goings on here with me! Nothing super exciting!...lots of sun sun sun and then today I took the bus to honolulu where I ended up missing my stop and then having to run in the pouring rain to the mall! I got SOAKED!! and then on the way home ya it was freaking pouring rain so again SOAKED!! for all you people who have been still should be cause I love the rain and its still really warm sooo sorry nothing is worse than freezing cold ice falling from the sky!!...hope you are all staying bundled up and toasty warm! I will be joining you by the fireplace in 1 week 1 day!..oh geez...this can't be real!!

 yay for bathroom pictures...right?...k well I was just trying to dry of as best I could with some paper towel! The ONE time I want one of those warm blowy hand dryers ya they dont have one! who had the bright idea to wear a white shirt?...garsh!
 They had a Farmers Market in the mall!...So fun!
 They had tons of fresh fruit and yummy baking and loads of things to try!
Then I went and got a yummy yummy hocho and a food network magazine!
It was actually kind of a fantastic time!

Well Happy wednesday everyone! ( it still is for me!) Almost the weekend again! You can dooo iiit!


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