Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some one call the doctor....

You've got a case of the bipolar!!....ok I can't stand people that are hot and then cold...chose dang it! Be hot or be cold because I for real do not have the time patience or energy to try and figure you out!..mmk?...Greeeeat!

Ok enough ranting ahh that felt great!!

I hope all you little love birds got to celebrate tonight or already did on the weekend! And to all you singles I hope you celebrated in your own way! Like I did!...

 Yummy yummy yummy fish taco salad! ok really its sooo good! and little healthier than fish tacos?

 I have a secret admirer!
 ok it was my mom!. =)
 apples grapes and a banana apple(yum) and some ben and jerrys choco brownie icecream! can you say delic?..delish? you know what im sayin! mmmmmm
And some bachelor while talking to my momma!!...thanks for being my valentine this year mom! You rock!

Seriously who says you need a guy to have a good valentines day? NOT THIS GIRL! my day rocked!

Hope all yours did too!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! =)


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  1. Lauren, you make me sooo jealous! You look darling with your little tropic tan, baby blues and florescent teeth! It sounds like you are perfectly happy there. Such a brave little toaster...moving out there all alone!
    I worry about you living alone, so I'll give you the same advice i give Becky...don't run in the dark, lock your doors, don't accept dates from just anybody, and look like an islander, not a tourist! Well, I didn't have to tell Becky that last piece of advice-that bit's for you.
    Cute blogging! I love the red background and pics. Isn't the Bachelor a dork?! His face is too tight!!!!haha! At least he got rid of the SLC girl-she was bipolar!
    Anyhoo, take care of yourself, Meg


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