Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ok so today I was soaking up what little rays of sun there were and as I'm laying there enjoying every second of the sand sun and sounds of the ocean..I felt like I should open my know that feeling like someone is staring at you..the one that gives you the heabs..ya I got that one!! And heres why!...

Ok waaaay better than a pervy old man or something but this seriously freaked me out!! ..Just staring at me...creeeeeepaaay! 

And then surprise surprise 10 mins after this little incident it started to rain!..So went for a run in the rain which here my friends is actually really wonderful!..I'd prefer laying the sun but hey I'm in hawaii beggers can't be choosers!

But really tell me I'm not already loosing my tan after 3 days of no sun!? ...Hopefully I don't come home less tan than I was when I'll all wonder where I actually went!

 this one is for you poppy! love ya! (above)

Tomorrow better be sunny or I'm gonna have to buy some fake tanning lotion..ew.

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